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‘It’s my choice what I show’- Laura Whitmore hits back at ‘trolls’ shaming her for showing off baby bump


Laura Whitmore has hit back at "trolls" for sharing her baby bump joy

Laura Whitmore has hit back at "trolls" for sharing her baby bump joy

Laura Whitmore has hit back at "trolls" for sharing her baby bump joy

Laura Whitmore has hit back at “trolls” who have shamed her online for showing off her baby bump.

The Irish presenter has received some negative comments after sharing an image on her Instagram in underwear and a denim jacket as she holds her bump.

She is expecting her first child with her partner, comedian Iain Sterling, in early 2021.

Referencing the strict Covid-19 restrictions that have been placed in parts of the UK, Laura, who lives in London, captioned the image: “Guess it’s the sofa for the next while so... #tier4life”.

While the image received over 100,000 likes and many positive comments, some users took the opportunity to shame the Bray native for sharing her baby bump joy.

One user commented: “How can you ask for privacy whilst being pregnant whilst showing photos like this on instigram!!!!”

Laura replied to the remark: “Because it’s my choice what I show. Quite simple really.”

Another wrote: “Wheres your dignity, girl? Less is more” to which the presenter hit back: “Where's yours?”.

A third person said: “You were literally saying two minutes ago, that you weren't promoting your pregnancy. Literally bored of it already.”Laura also replied to this, writing: “Looks more like I'm ‘promoting’ my upcoming sofa use…”

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The blonde beauty announced her pregnancy last Wednesday on the same day that it was reported she and her partner Iain wed in secret last month in Dublin.

However, that has not yet been officially confirmed by the couple.

To announce the pregnancy, Laura took to Instagram with a snap of a Guns N’Roses baby grow that says ‘coming 2021’ on it.

She captioned the post: “I’ve always tried to be protective over the personal side of my life. A lot of things are just for me and my loved ones and we’ve chosen not to share publicly.

"However I want to now share good news as it’s our news to share - and I’m gonna be honest it’s starting to look like my lockdown beer belly is out of control.

"Iain and I are expecting a baby early 2021. It’s been hard to keep such happy news quiet. Especially the times when I’ve had to run out of live radio to get sick in a bin or my penchant for a bowl of mashed potato in the morning.

"I wasn’t hungover like everyone thought. In fact I was completely sober filming the entire series of Celeb Juice, which is quite the accolade!

“We’d appreciate our privacy respected but just wanted to spread some love and a reminder of the beauty of life.”

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