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‘It was a nice surprise’ – Laura Whitmore opens up about her pregnancy journey

The Bray native described her first trimester as difficult, as she was very sick and nauseous


Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore has opened up about her pregnancy journey, saying as a “timing thing” it wasn’t something she and her partner thought about, but it was “a nice surprise”.

The Irish presenter is due her first baby with her partner, comedian Iain Sterling, at the beginning of next year. She announced the news on her Instagram on Wednesday.

Speaking to Hunger about her pregnancy, Laura said: “What I’ve learnt in life is that planning doesn’t work. Things just happen.

"Nothing this year has been a plan! I think everything happens for a reason, as soon as you try to control things, in some ways that is out of your hands.

"I feel very lucky and blessed. As a timing thing, it probably wasn’t something that we thought about, it was a nice surprise.

"So I’m due at the beginning of next year and I think things just fall into place.”

The Bray native said she found her first trimester hard and she was nauseous, and even had to run off live radio to get sick.

"I found the first three months really hard because I was very sick and nauseous,” she said.

"There were a few times on live radio where I actually got physically sick during the show. I had one guest in the studio and to this day she still doesn’t know that I’m pregnant, and I think she just thought I was hungover.

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"I had to run out of the studio and she had to ask herself her own question live on air because I had disappeared!”

Laura and Iain’s pregnancy news comes as the couple reportedly got married in secret last month at Dublin’s City Hall. However, this has not been officially confirmed by either party.

According to The Sun, Bray native Laura and Iain tied the knot in front of 25 guests, which was the maximum allowed under Ireland’s Level 5 rules at the time, and included Laura’s half-brother Adam and Iain’s sister Kirsten as witnesses.

Last year the blonde beauty opened up about suffering a miscarriage, and said that because of this experience “you constantly have that fear”.

"I think there are a lot of things that are important to keep to yourself,” she said.

"Even with my miscarriage, it took me a year before I wanted to speak about that, and that’s okay because you need to get your head around things as well. I think there are a lot of things with our relationship that we’ve chosen to keep quiet and chosen to share with friends.

"Having a baby is very hard to keep quiet because your body and your lifestyle changes. It’s really hard at the start for anyone. Not just me because I wanted to keep it out of the public sphere, but any woman who is worried and trying to keep it quiet until she’s 12 weeks.”

Laura added that when she opened up about her miscarriage she was “overwhelmed” by the response she received, with many women DMing her to share their story.

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