Isla Fisher admits her marriage to Sacha Baron Cohen isn't normal

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher have a far from conventional marriage, says the actress

Isla Fisher's marriage to Sacha Baron Cohen is unconventional because she's constantly asking him if he's wanted in any states.

Sacha is best known for duping members of the public into thinking he is a ridiculous character, such as fashion forward Bruno or confused journalist Borat.

Although his movies have been hits they have led to lawsuits, including one from the government of Kazakhstan. Isla and Sacha became engaged in 2004 and married in 2010, with the actress admitting there is never a dull moment in their union.

"It's definitely not a normal relationship," she laughed to C magazine. "You know there have been times in the past with the guerrilla style film making of Borat and Bruno where there were surreal conversations, 'How many people are suing us? Are you wanted in any states? Are you alive?'"

Isla converted to Judaism before she wed Sacha and is thoroughly impressed by the religion. She's found it means putting family first, which she agrees with.

The star has daughters Olive and Elula with her husband and since becoming a mother her focus has changed. While she is still proud of her career, it isn't the most important thing in her life.

"It's all about location because of the kids," she explained. "Then it boils down to the filmmaker and the role and the cast. It's definitely different than it used to be. Location wasn't even a consideration, unless it was Syria or somewhere.

"I breastfed both my kids for two years so, you know it was very tiring emotionally and physically. I'm not sure I'd want to do another lead at this juncture in my life. It's why ensemble pieces are so attractive to me."

Isla also has no plans to work on a movie with her husband, even though she's constantly quizzed about it. For her, keeping their work and home life separate is vital.

"I think we are collaborating on enough. We're doing out most difficult, most wonderful screenplays: a five-year-old and a two-year-old at home. I feel that's the most important collaboration," she gushed.