Sunday 17 December 2017

'I was a bit nervous when I found out I was pregnant, but I feel great'- Mairead Ronan

Mairead Ronan - Silver Dress: French Connection €95
Mairead Ronan - Silver Dress: French Connection €95
Mairead Ronan

Eimear Rabbitt

With a 5am start and a baby on the way, Mairead Ronan could be forgiven for not looking or feeling her best. But the Today FM star (35) is full of the joys of life and positively glowing when she pitches up for our interview, her floral navy frock complimenting her slim figure and neat baby bump.

It has been a whirlwind 12 months for the Dublin presenter during which she wed businessman Louis Ronan, announced her second pregnancy and set up her own business.

"It's been a brilliant year," Ronan says with a sincerity that implies this is very much the truth.

"We had a really, really good year and hopefully it continues. Dara is flying," she adds, of her 9-year-old son with ex-husband Eamon Fitzpatrick.

"Louis is happy, I'm happy and it's all good."

The presenter confirmed last month that she and Louis are expecting their first child together and she is due to give birth this September.

The pregnancy is going "really well", so well in fact that Ronan has surprised herself with how good she has been feeling.

"I was a bit nervous when I discovered I was pregnant because I was so sick with Dara and I was thinking 'I'm not even going to be able to get out of bed'," she says.

The happy couple: Mairéad with her husband Louis Ronan at their wedding in Ballyclerihan, Co Tipperary
The happy couple: Mairéad with her husband Louis Ronan at their wedding in Ballyclerihan, Co Tipperary
Mairead Ronan - Green Dress: Pinko, Harvey Nichols, €420
Mairead and her son Dara

"I was vomiting every single day and some days I didn't stop until 10pm. I remember thinking 'whoever named this morning sickness was a liar'.

"But I haven't been sick at all so it's all good. I feel fantastic and have never felt better. Dara is thrilled, he's so excited."

A fitness fan who boasts a trim physique, Ronan received some critical comments on Twitter recently about her supposed weight gain.

The Finglas native, who was guest presenting RTE's Big Week on the Farm, was in fact pregnant and had layered up for the occasion given the cold weather on the farm.

She later confirmed that she was pregnant, "not fat", but takes issue with the fact that these comments may put other women under pressure to reveal their big news before they are ready.

"I'm still really fit and running a lot," she says. "I wouldn't care about people saying that [I was fat]. It's people trying to out others about being pregnant before they're ready to say it. I've a friend who's had a tough time and wouldn't say it until she was 26 weeks."

While the brunette is dying to find out the gender of her baby, her husband Louis is having none of it and the couple are patiently waiting for the big reveal this autumn.

"I'd love to know what we're having, but Louis has point blank refused to find out. He's at every scan, in there with me and leaving with me."

Ronan and her husband wed in his native Tipperary last June and she has previously told how he "healed" her heart.

With their first wedding anniversary just weeks away, the presenter can't believe how quickly time has passed.

While she loves keeping fit, Ronan insists that she, her husband and son live a very normal, every-day life, consisting of "normal Irish dinners".

"By no means am I like Roz Purcell when it comes to cooking. When you have a nine-year-old there is always spaghetti bolognese during the week and there is always shepherd's pie or stew in the winter," she says.

"Dara is out training during the week with soccer and GAA so it's very much what can you do quickly that will get him out the door.

"Louis is a decent cook, the same as me. We share everything and have normal Irish family dinners. There are no big healthy dishes going on."

Aside from happiness in her personal life, Ronan said her move to producing breakfast radio with the Ian Dempsey show on Today FM was a "great decision". She previously spent 11 years working with Ray D'Arcy on his morning radio show.

"I will say winter can be tough when you are leaving the house at 5.30am every single morning, especially on a Monday. But then on a Friday you are like 'I'm done in a few hours'.

"There is no getting into 6pm traffic for me. I walk down to school to collect Dara with the dog every day and it's nice. It's a really nice lifestyle. It's very suited to family life."

Known as a radio and TV personality, Mairead's latest career move has caused some surprise, but she couldn't be more excited to get her beauty business Faro off the ground.

She recently launched a beauty business with her partner Debbie Lawless and their first product - a box of hairbrushes for €49.99 - is now on sale at The Loop in Dublin Airport and in Cara pharmacies across the country.

Mairead and Debbie have spent the past six months developing the hairbrushes and are hoping to branch out with more products. The 35-year-old, who is a Renault Ireland Brand Ambassador, even has her company's name printed on her new Renault Captur.

"I told Debbie I wanted to do a line of hair brushes, because it's the one thing I know loads about," Mairead says.

"Stick to something you know.I have frizzy, flyaway, fuzzy hair - the worst hair in the world. Over the years I've learnt how to manage it and it's always down to the brushes for me.

"We settled on the name Faro because last year, I was half Farrell and then half Ronan - six months of each."

It is a big move for Mairead as she and Debbie have received no external financial backing.

"My dad would be very safe, going, 'Oh be careful, this is your money,' whereas Louis said 'go for it'.

"If it doesn't work, I know I tried," she adds.


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