Fraser works on return of Journey

Brendan Fraser is working on the next Journey To The Centre Of The Earth movie

Brendan Fraser has confirmed he's helping to develop a second Journey To The Centre Of The Earth movie.

"We're in research and development for a sequel," the actor revealed at the 3D Awards in Hollywood where he picked up the Best 3D Talent Award.

"It also will be 3D, naturally," the actor laughed.

But Brendan wasn't giving away too many details.

"What I can tell you is that I'm happy to be a part of the producing team yet again. Stay tuned, more to come..."

Avatar may have broken box office records with its 3D offering, but Brendan says he's proud to have been a part of cinematic history with Journey.

"The cameras that we used, James Cameron and our director had specked them out - the notes and the elements that these cameras needed to have.

"Journey To The Centre Of The Earth was the first live action hi-def science fiction picture in history and it's all exciting for the very simple reason that it's a leap forward in cinematography," he explained.