Monday 18 November 2019

Everything's bubbling over for Bono pal Kygo

Bono with Norweigian DJ Kygo who released a mix of U2's You're The Best Thing about Me last year
Bono with Norweigian DJ Kygo who released a mix of U2's You're The Best Thing about Me last year
Party girl Claudine Keane
Roming around... Theresa and husband Frank McNamara
A happy-looking Paul Weller and wife Hannah enjoyed a bite to eat in Ballsbridge. Photo: Eamon Ward
Kathleen Watkins
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Last week went with a pop for Bono. Admittedly, most weeks go with a pop for Bono. He sent Champagne backstage to Norwegian DJ Kygo for his show at the 3 Arena last Thursday.

Kygo recently remixed U2's You're The Best Thing About Me. Kygo later repaired, sans Bono, to the world famous Lillie's nightclub on Grafton Street, where he was joined by the even more world famous Irish sporting superstar Conor McGregor. McGregor's photographer snapped the group of about 30 of them, in the club's VIP curtained off area where they all drank deluxe vodka brands Grey Goose and Belvedere as well as Jose Cuervo tequila. McGregor's Vito Tourer Mercedes was parked outside in Grafton Street.

A few nights later on the Sunday, there were further celebrations in Lillie's. This time, Dancing With The Stars star Rob Heffernan marked his birthday with some of his fellow contestants from the RTE hit show.

Anna Geary and Katherine Lynch joined The Heff as the bubbly flowed until a reasonable hour. Drinking Champagne With The Stars...?

I'm sure impresario John McColgan has done his fair share of drinking vintage Dom Perignon with stars, possibly more of the international and mega star variety in Los Angeles and further afield on his acclaimed travels around the world with his various artistic successes, but I digress.

John jetted in from LA last Thursday. He was staying in Viceroy in Santa Monica to visit the Riverdance company on its current tour and have meetings with their William Morris agent Clint Mitchell to plan the Riverdance tour in America for the 25th Anniversary tour in 2020.

"Beautiful weather in LA. Sparkling blue ocean, blue skies! Just like home!" John laughed before he got on the plane home to blizzard-blown Moya in Dublin.

Victoria's always a star to remember

Oscar Wilde said that memory is the diary that we all carry about with us. My old mucker Victoria Smurfit carries such a diary about.

When I asked her last week if she could remember when we first met, the Irish movie star laughed: "Way back! Too many years to count. Let's not!"


"A thousand years ago when we were both redheads!" Victoria also mentioned that drama Marcella, which airs on ITV and Netflix, saying it is is "dark, gritty and moving".

"It was glorious to work with Anna Friel for a few months in the UK," Victoria said of her co-star on the hit series.

Another Irish actor of some international note, Domhnall Gleeson, was in 37 on Dawson Street last week after the Elbow concert.

The Star Wars star was joined by fellow thesps Laurence Kinlan and Mark Huberman and Claudine Keane, significant other of Robbie.

Theresa Lowe hits new high in Rome with Frank

Where in the world? Rome, actually. Presenter of RTE's one-time favourite quiz show Where In The World?, Theresa Lowe and her husband Frank McNamara marked their 31st wedding anniversary with a trip to the Italian capital. "It was my first time in Rome," said Theresa who spent years on our screens asking geography-based questions (and now does media and various other types of training with her musician husband at the esteemed Theresa Lowe Communications.)

"We even saw the Pope at Mass in St Peter's Square. So it was a very special time for Frank and me," The trip to the Eternal City was made that little bit more special because Theresa and Frank's daughter Charlotte "saved every penny from months of babysitting and working in a pizza shop to pay for us to go to Rome".

Last week, Theresa's family helped her celebrate her birthday in Fifty50 in Rathoath, Co Meath.

"There was no candles," she explained. "There was an attempt at singing Happy Birthday. When we had the cake at home, we went straight to the cake and it was gone in five minutes. So no singing or candles then either!" she laughed.

Kathleen remains stoic over Gay

Kathleen Watkins

Kathleen Watkins (above) is a national treasure for many reasons. Allow me to give you another - hitherto unknown - reason Kathleen is a national treasure: unshakeable stoicism.

Busy writing the follow up to her hugely popular children's book Pigin of Howth at the moment, Kathleen tells me: "I have written some of it in the Oncology Department of the Mater Hospital," she said, referring to the medical facility where her husband, Gay Byrne - also a national treasure - is attending for cancer treatment.

"Strange to say that that department is not an unhappy place. I just get on with it.

"I thought the book was a one off. Now I'm dredging up from the depths of memory more stories I told my grandchildren."

Mary Harney has D4 chat with Noirin O'Sullivan

l Weller and hannah.jpg
A happy-looking Paul Weller and wife Hannah enjoyed a bite to eat in Ballsbridge. Photo: Eamon Ward

You see a lot if you hang around the Intercontinental long enough. Last Friday, after the Institute of Directors' lunch at the five-star hotel, one of the nation's finest politicians Mary Harney was spotted in conversation with ex-Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan in the hotel's bar afterwards.

Tycoon Sean Dunne, who has regularly been staying in the hotel, was seen having breakfast in Seasons Restaurant last Thursday morning.

Hopefully he wasn't caught in a Gayle (Gayle Killilea, geddit?) force snow storm?

The modfather Paul Weller was also seen in the illustrious Ballsbridge establishment with his beautiful wife Hannah and various family members.

Paul has never looked happier. Clearly, Hannah does something to him.

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