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Elaine Crowley: ‘I stopped wearing my knee-high boots on TV because of unwanted attention’


Elaine Crowley

Elaine Crowley

Elaine Crowley

Presenter Elaine Crowley has had to stop wearing knee-high boots after she received unwanted attention.

The TV3 star has spoken about certain men who send her inappropriate images on social media.

“I get that type of stuff quite a lot on Twitter and I just have to block it. I had to stop wearing knee-high boots on Ireland AM a few years ago.

“You would wonder about people. I don’t get the ‘you are a lovely girl’ stuff,” she said.

Elaine revealed that she is dating, but nothing too serious at the moment.

“I am not celibate – I am a woman in my 30s that has needs like you all, but I am not seriously with anyone,” she said.

The television host said she believed she could have a boyfriend in the morning if she wanted one, but she doesn’t – that is her own choice.

“I am turning 39 and a lot of my friends are getting divorced now. They had the engagement, they had the lovely wedding at 28/29, had one or two kids and now they are miserable and getting divorced.

“I have come out the other end of it at this stage. I have seen very, very few happy marriages so I am not inclined to go down that route – maybe I am being a little cynical.

“We are not living in a Mills and Boon fairytale, no relationship is going to be plain sailing from the minute you step into it.

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“You have bumps and lumps. If you get through them, fine. If you don’t, then it’s not meant to be.”

Meanwhile, Elaine said that if she had to marry anyone, it would be television host Graham Norton because she loves him.

“I would happily marry him, I would leave everything and go off into the sunset, drinking his wine and looking at books – I think he is great,” she told RSVP magazine.

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