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confession box

What is your nickname?

My best friends call me Sunita because they think I look like the character from Coronation Street.

What uncool song do you secretly love?

I really love all of Neil Diamond's albums and songs, even the B-sides. My friends always give me stick for going to his concerts.

What childhood memory makes you cringe?

When I stopped talking to everyone at my birthday party because they all ran ahead of me and got on my new slide without my permission!

What unusual eating habits do you have?

Unlike most people who stop at the chipper or for a pizza after a night out, I eat a plate full of grated cheese with a fork. I thought that this was normal until my friends witnessed it. They couldn't breathe they were laughing so much.

What's your most annoying habit?

I forget things constantly - my car keys, money… My boyfriend even has my phone saved in his 'Find My iPhone' app so every time I lose it he logs in to locate it for me.

■ As told to Hannah-Louise Dunne

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