Thursday 5 December 2019

Comedian Joe Rooney opens up about his emotional Ryan Tubridy interview: ‘I just sat down and cried’

Rooney opted to continue with the interview and said that memories of his mother made him emotional
Rooney opted to continue with the interview and said that memories of his mother made him emotional Newsdesk Newsdesk

Comedian Joe Rooney has opened up about his interview with Ryan Tubridy, in which he became very emotional while recalling his late mother.

The comedian visited Tubridy in the RTE 2fm studios in January, where he broke down on air while delving into his struggle with mental health, including crippling panic attacks.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror Joe said: “I think I’m just in a weird place in my life. I have been for the last few weeks. It all just came to a head and it coincided with me being on the Ryan Tubridy Show.”

"I was interviews by one of his researchers a couple of times and I realised after putting the phone down... well. i didn't realise, I just sat down and cried.

"So I knew going into that interview that all of that stuff was near the surface. I felt nervous. I though, 'This could happen'. It did anyway.

"It feels a bit surreal. I won't listen to it back," he said.

The comedian revealed that he was inundated with kind messages from the public in the aftermath of the interview.

“I got a lot of letters and tweets and messages from people who I think found it positive that I was open about it or open about the reasons behind why I get panic attacks,” he said.

During the interview with Tubridy, the Killinaskully actor opened up about his difficult relationship with his mum.

She became terminally ill when he was a child, and he agreed with Tubridy that in Ireland in the 1970s things like illness were simply not discussed.

He admitted that he said things to her which he now regrets such as: "I just can't face having a sick mother."

When probed as to how he knew she was aware of his feelings, he recalled his mother's words: "You'll be glad when I'm in the grave."

Rooney said his display of emotion on the airwaves today was a good thing, and commented: "I could never have cried about this in my 20s."

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