Monday 20 November 2017

Colin Farrell: ‘Do I want to expand my family? Absolutely not!’

Colin Farrell pictured with his son James who has Angelman Syndrome
Colin Farrell pictured with his son James who has Angelman Syndrome
Colin Farrell with his son James, who suffers from Angelman's Syndrome, which is characterised by developmental difficulties and seizures
Actor Colin Farrell, recipient of the 2015 Maui Film Festival Navigator Award, poses for a portrait during day two of the 2015 Maui Film Festival at Four Seasons Maui on June 4, 2015 in Wailea, Hawaii. (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Maui Film Festival)
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Irish actor Colin Farrell has revealed that he has no intentions of having more children and is content with his “incredibly rich” life as a single man.

The True Detective star is father to James (11) and Henry (5) but revealed that he is content with the children he has and does not wish for more.

“Time is just the opportunity to get more things wrong,” said Colin speaking to The Irish Daily Mail.

“On Father’s Day I was getting texts from fathers and sent text to fathers and  it was pleasant to do that.

“Everyone was asking me if I was ith my kids and I was going ‘No, I was with them yesterday and I’ll see them tomorrow.’ Do I want to expand the family? Absolutely not. They’ll expand themselves by the virtue of growth,” said Colin.

The actor revealed that he is more than content with single life and feels blessed that he has such a rich abundance of family and friends. “I just haven’t met anyone. I don’t go out much. I’m not bars or clubs. I just find myself sinfle and there’s no reason or intention behind it.

“I don’t mean to sound smug but my life is incredibly rich with my friends and family and stuff. Whenever I get the opportunity to share my life with someone, that’ll be cool but until then I’m fine,” said Colin.

Meanwhile, the True Blood actor recently shocked his fans when he admitted he had once been arrested for attempted murder in Australia.

Colin revealed that he was terrified after he was taken into custody for beating up a man and setting fire to his apartment in the Australian city.

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Colin admitted that the police had arrested him in a case of mistaken identity but the likeliness between him and the suspect made him question his actions as he could not remember the previous evening.

“It was a long time ago and I was drunk. I saw a photo-fit of the guy that actually did the crime and it looked remarkably like me and for a second I - because I had had a blackout that night - I wondered, could I have done such a thing?

"They showed me a photo-fit, a pencil sketch of the guy that had attempted to murder, this other gentleman - had beat him up and left him in his own apartment, set the apartment on fire and split, thereby leaving him to burn to death - and it was me. They had bushy eyebrows, a mole on his face, spoke even in 2D with an Irish accent."

The actor revealed that he admitted his fears to Australian police regarding his doppelganger.

“I went, 'I think I'm in trouble,'" he recalled.

"It was terrifying, I was there for about six hours and then thankfully a friend of mine had kept a journal of that particular night and that particular time we were at a party the other side of town doing ecstasy..."

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