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YouTube Rewind: Who made it into the review of 2018 and who missed out?

Hollywood star Will Smith was among the celebrities who featured in the clip marking the year’s biggest trends.


Will Smith made the cut (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Will Smith made the cut (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Will Smith made the cut (Isabel Infantes/PA)

YouTube has released its annual Rewind video – an eight-minute clip that celebrates the year’s biggest trends on the platform.

From celebrities to YouTubers to the stars of viral videos, the promo features an assortment of 2018’s most prominent faces.

Among the more traditional stars were Will Smith, John Oliver and talk show host Trevor Noah, the latter of whom was seen flossing – one of the big dance trends of the year.

Meanwhile Liza Koshy, one of the world’s biggest YouTube stars, plays a big role at the end of a year in which she famously announced her break-up from long-term partner David Dobrik in a teary video.

Also featured is Simone Giertz, the YouTuber who made her name putting together unusual robots and who this year used the platform to document her journey having been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

And of course there’s an appearance from Mason Ramsey, aka the Yodelling Walmart Kid and one of the biggest viral sensations of the year.

Last year’s Rewind featured Despacito, multiple Salt Bae references and Logan Paul, who was notably absent from this year’s clip following a controversy-packed year.

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