Thursday 17 October 2019

'You're a fantastic role model' - Roz Purcell praised for showing stretch marks in holiday snap

Roz Purcell. Picture: Instagram
Roz Purcell. Picture: Instagram
Roz Purcell for LIFE magazine. Picture: Kip Carroll
Rachel Farrell

Rachel Farrell

Irish model and food blogger Roz Purcell has received floods of praise on social media over her honesty about her stretch marks.

The former Miss Universe Ireland has been sharing photos of her Bali Christmas holiday on Instagram over the past week.

In one bikini snap, the 28-year-old shared an unedited photo of her stretch marks on her thighs, encouraging others to accept their bodies.

"I remember the first time I noticed my stretch marks probably like 11 or 12, I was like I don't remember my cat scratching me," Roz said.

"A few months of noticing more and more I was like this is so cool I have all these reptile markings no one else has and showing them off.

"As I grew up, went to secondary I realised it was something I shouldn't think was so cool or show, no one in magazines had them I never noticed them on anyone else, it was not normal or considered beautiful.

Roz Purcell. Picture: Instagram
Roz Purcell. Picture: Instagram

"Even now it’s rare you see an unedited photo in a magazine, I'm like how is that girls butt so smooth."

Roz, who is in Bali with her music promoter boyfriend Zach Desmond, said she only started to accept that her stretch marks are "here to stay" in the last two years.

"It hasn't been until now the past two years I can confidently walk passed someone in a bikini or shorts and not cringe inside thinking that they're probably looking at all my stretch marks and cellulite.

Roz Purcell and boyfriend Zach Desmond. Picture: Instagram
Roz Purcell and boyfriend Zach Desmond. Picture: Instagram

"Stretch marks are normal, we all have them, big or small they're part of me and they're here to stay!"

She later added that after posting the photo, she received messages with tips on how to get rid of them, saying: "I don't have time or the dedication to massage my butt in some super oil for 30 mins before bed, sure I’d slip out onto the floor".

Fans of the food writer praised her honesty for sharing, describing her as a "role model" and "inspiring".

"I love you for this!!!! You just sparked a bit of hope and confidence in me," one user said.

"As a Mum to a 17 year old you're are a fantastic role model and may I add we are both hugely influenced by you, so keep doing what you are doing you are an amazingly beautiful young woman," said another.

"Well done to you.. love the honesty".

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