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Woman has Noel Edmonds' face tattooed onto leg 'as Valentine's gift to herself'


The woman is a big fan of Noel Edmonds

The woman is a big fan of Noel Edmonds

The woman is a big fan of Noel Edmonds

A besotted Noel Edmonds fan has had the presenter's face tattooed onto her leg.

Angie, from Crewe, went on E4 show Tattoo Fixers, where she said she wanted Edmonds' likeness etched onto her skin as a Valentine's Day gift to herself.

She asked the tattoo wizards to ink Edmonds' face onto her thigh.

"With Deal Or No Deal finishing, I want something that will keep him close to me all the time," said the 47-year-old.

Viewers thought it was hilarious, with some joking that Angie should have had a tattoo of the star's Mr Blobby character too.

One posted on Twitter: "Is this woman totally bonkers? A tattoo of Noel Edmonds on her body? I mean, she is totally bonkers."

Another tweeted: "Watching tattoo fixers on E4. Surely being head over heels in love enough to want a tattoo of Noel Edmonds should put you in looney bin."

"Get a tattoo of Noel Edmonds... why not Mr Blobby too?" said another.

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