Tuesday 20 February 2018

Widdecombe proves a quiz demon

Ann Widdecombe is in it to win it on Celebrity Fifteen To One
Ann Widdecombe is in it to win it on Celebrity Fifteen To One

Celebrity Fifteen To One host Adam Hills has revealed he was shocked by how ruthless Anne Widdecombe proved to be on the show.

The Australian comedian said celebrities are usually quite kind to one another on the quiz, but he was surprised to see the 66-year-old former politician pick on the most vulnerable contestants.

Adam revealed: "The celebrities were a lot less ruthless than I'd expected, with the exception of Ann Widdecombe.

"Normally, people go 'OK, who's got the most amount of lives left? Let's have a go at them and even up the competition.'

"Ann just went for the ones who were about to go out, and she would keep pounding them until they were out, and then go for the next one. That's what politicians do. It's kill or be killed in their world."

He also revealed Ann struck up a feud aganst rival contestants comedian Johnny Vegas and chef Heston Blumenthal.

Adam explained: "M y favourite feud, and one that outside of Fifteen To One would never, ever unfold, was between Ann Widdecombe and Johnny Vegas.

"Of all of the two people to go head-to-head! They developed this feud, Ann won, and then Heston Blumenthal took it upon himself to try and get rid of Ann. In what other situation would those three have come to blows?"

:: Celebrity Fifteen To One returns to Channel 4 from Friday June 6, with Anne Widdecombe featuring in the first episode.

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