Saturday 24 February 2018

Why Beyoncé kept so calm as her sister lashed out at her husband

The video of Solange Knowles' bust-up with Jay-Z has gone viral. But the real question is why the superstar singer stood by and watched the fight unfold without trying to intervene.

Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Met Gala, before the incident took place
Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Met Gala, before the incident took place
Solange Knowles at the Met Gala
Deirdre Reynolds

Deirdre Reynolds

Solange Knowles may have wowed in an apricot-coloured Phillip Lim frock at the Met Ball.

But it's since become clear that her relationship with brother-in-law Jay Z is far from peachy. Beyoncé's squeaky-clean 'Mrs Carter' image was rocked this week when footage emerged of younger sister Solange apparently attacking her husband in a lift.

The glamorous trio attended an after-party for the annual fundraising event at New York's Standard Hotel.

However leaked CCTV footage seems to show how the night ended on a sour note after Solange lashed out at the rapper as security held her back. Most curiously, queen of serene Beyoncé looked entirely unfazed by the tiff between her two loved ones, impassively watching the drama unfold.

"Beyoncé tried to stay out of it," a source told UsWeekly. "She does not approve of violence."

But body-language expert Judi James says: "Beyoncé's lack of reaction is amazing."

However, it may not even have been the first time that night that Solange lost the rag; UsWeekly also claims she exchanged words with fashion designer Rachel Roy, a close friend of Kim Kardashian, before turning on on Jay Z.

Although the bust-up in the lift is shocking, James says: "Beyoncé is sure that her husband won't react, which is why she is comfortable not to intervene. He behaves like a gentleman, only grabbing Solange's foot in order to protect himself from her kicks.

"However, it is extremely strange that Beyoncé makes such little attempt to calm down her sister despite the volatile nature of the situation with two large men in the small lift."

According to TMZ, who obtained the black-and-white footage, the three then left, Beyoncé and Solange in one vehicle, and Jay Z making his escape in another.

With the three remaining tight-lipped, fans have been left to speculate as to what caused the Losing You singer to lose it in the lift.

'What Jay Z said to Solange' is even trending on Twitter.

Just last September, the mum-of-one hinted at 'sibling rivalry' between the pair: "Jay and I have our own sisterly-brotherly relationship. We talk about music a lot, about art a lot, so that's my dude. I grew up in a house with five women and just my dad, so he is like a brother I never had."

Recounting the first time she met her sister's future husband as a teenager, she added: "His nickname for me was 'private school thug'. It still is today. That's what he calls me."

As gags about Solange being the 99 Problems singer's 100th one predictably do the rounds, it's a revelation that's come back to haunt her.

Indeed, it's not the first time the model has flipped out over the 44-year-old, whose real name is Shawn Carter.

When the now 27-year-old thought a TV reporter was bringing up her A-list relations in an interview some years ago, she snapped: "I have to say that was not a very professional introduction before. Please don't tie me in to family and my brother-in-law's establishment."

Despite getting her big break as a backing singer for Destiny's Child, the R&B star has always bristled at being labelled 'Beyonce's sister'.

"People think there should be this great rivalry between us, but there's never been any competition," she said in the past. "There are a lot of things that people don't realise about the differences between Beyoncé and me. Sure, we're tight now, but we weren't as close when we were kids because Beyoncé is five years older. I was barely aware of what she was doing, so it's not like I grew up saying, 'I want to do what Beyoncé does and be just like her!' It wasn't a Disney story."

Certainly going for her brother-in-law in a lift is one way to finally step out from her sibling's shadow.

Whatever the cause of the spat though, it's clear Queen Bey is standing by her man, with whom she has a two-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. The power couple – who are set to go on tour together for the first time this summer – put on a serious PDA at a basketball game in the Big Apple just hours after the video went viral.

Meanwhile, Solange has reportedly deleted all pictures of her with her big sister on Instagram, with the exception of one.

Things haven't always been so tense between the three. Only a few weeks before the alleged kerfuffle, the Knowles sisters and Jay Z were spotted at California's Coachella Music Festival together, and Bey even joined Solange on stage during her performance of Losing You.

Nonetheless, Mrs Carter isn't expected to duet with her little sister any time soon: "My sister will not record with me. She's her own woman."

With her own album on the way this summer, that's likely to suit Solange – not to mention her brother-in-law – just fine.

Other in-law fall-outs

* In 2010, Kim Kardashian laid into sister Kourtney's long-term boyfriend Scott Disick on Twitter after a magazine reported he planned to pen a tell-all book about the clan: "Seriously how dare u @ScottDisick !!! They are family secrets for a reason."

* Red Devil Ryan Giggs was left red-faced after sister-in-law Natasha sold the story of her alleged affair with him in 2011, sparking younger brother Rhodri to brand him a "worm".

* Asked in an interview if his relationship with the royal family had thawed since his controversial speech at Princess Diana's funeral, Prince Charles's brother-in-law Earl Spencer quipped simply: "They're the same as they've always been."

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