Vogue Williams on her hit podcast – ‘It’s nice that people can see what I’m like as a person, instead of judging’

Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally

Vogue Williams has said that her hit podcast with her friend Joanne McNally means people are finally seeing behind her supposedly glamorous lifestyle of endless photo shoots and make-up to the real her.

Speaking to the Irish Times, she said: “Look, people can have a perception of your that’s not very true.

“I probably didn’t help it, getting glammed up, going out, doing my make-up all the time, doing shoots, but that was my job.

"But it’s nice with the podcast that you can get your personality across...What you see is what you get with us...It’s nice that people can see what I’m like as a person, instead of judging.”

Williams and stand-up comedian McNally have taken their popular podcast, My Therapist Ghosted Me, and turned it into a sold-out stage show.

Williams first found fame on RTÉ reality TV series Fade Street, going on to marry Made in Chelsea Star Spencer Matthews, with whom she now has three children. The couple live in London and have made TV shows together.

However she said that since the success of her and McNally’s podcast, which regularly attracts 2.5 million listeners a month, producers are keen to see more of her personality when they approach her with work.

"They want me to be how I am on the podcast, because they’ve heard the podcast and they know what I’m like,” she said.

"It’s nice to be able to completely yourself.”

Williams admits to feeling “terrified” ahead of her and McNally’s live shows, however “then when you’re on stage, it’s settling, weirdly”.

Speaking about their partnership, McNally said: “Me and Vogue bring different things to the table.

“Vogue is like Alan Sugar. She’s a business b***h. Vogue talks about trademarking things, merch, s**t like that. I don’t have that,” she added.

“I like the stage stuff – direction, production, sets – so in a way we complement each other in that way. It’s a long time since I’ve shared a stage with anyone. I’m used to doing my own thing. I love sharing the stage with you,” said NcNally to Williams

“I’m not just saying this because I’ve had a glass of wine, but you mean the world to me. I don’t feel competitive with Vogue. I just really enjoy our relationship. I want us to have a good show and give people a great night out.”

Talking about her plans for the year head, Williams said she wants to “do a good job and have loads of fun.

"I want to have loads of fun this year. I’ve been pregnant forever. I’m not going to be pregnant this year. I’m going around with my pal and I’m having a great time with my family.”