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Victoria Smufit reveals terrifying ordeal after narrowly missing bullet during 'gang initiation' on family holiday

Victoria Smurfit was a guest on The Ray Darcy Radio Show
Victoria Smurfit was a guest on The Ray Darcy Radio Show
Victoria Smurfit, up early last Tuesday for the red eye from LA
Victoria Smurfit, Doug Baxter and daughters Evie and Ridley in 2010
Doug Baxter and Victoria Smurfit in 2009
Victoria Smurfit turned heads in this metallic slinky dress at the 2008 IFTAs.
Victoria Smurfit and boyfriend Alistair Ramsden Newsdesk Newsdesk

Victoria Smurfit has opened up about a family holiday in South Africa where a local gang opened fire on her car.

The Irish actress (43) is spending time on our shores before returning to her adopted home of Los Angeles and popped into RTE studios to chat to The Ray D'Arcy Show on Wednesday. Smurfit, who will be appearing on BBC drama Marcella and attending tonight's IFTA Awards, detailed the trip with her ex-husband Doug Baxter, her mother Caroline, her brother and sister-in-law when the incident happened.

"We were driving this very dark, quite empty street, but a man street, and I saw a wine shop with my mother's name on it and said jokingly, 'Jaysus, we'll leave you here'. As I pop my head out the window, I could see a couple of fellas out the corner of my eye and suddenly all the air got sucked outside the car - a bullet came in the window to my right behind my head and shot right through behind my husband's head, missed a balloon and went straight out the other window," she explained.

At the time, she said she could see her arm was bleeding, but was too scared to look behind her in case her mother had been hit.

"I shouted, 'is everyone okay?' and my brother shouted, 'Driver, go, go, go!' like they do in the films because the taxi driver slowed up," she said. "We sped back to where we were staying and as we got out of the car, the windows shattered around us and all you could hear around us ws Happy New Year."

The experience left her shook, saying it was, 'Kill a Tourist Day' and "probably part of a gang initiation."

Doug Baxter and Victoria Smurfit in 2009
Doug Baxter and Victoria Smurfit in 2009

The mother-of-three has been uncharacteristically vocal in recent interviews as she normally prefers to keep details of her private life away from prying eyes, but shared last month that she and her boyfriend of two years, filmmaker Alistair Ramsden, had split.

"I am not with Al any more. We haven't been together since the start of the summer. It came to a natural conclusion. But he doesn't live far away, so he's still a great pal. There was no drama whatsoever. I could write a book on how to stay friends with your exes. I am brilliant at it," she said.

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