Monday 21 May 2018

Two Big Brother housemates walk out, then walk back in

Evelyn Ellis entering the Big Brother house at the start of the series - she entered again after briefly walking out
Evelyn Ellis entering the Big Brother house at the start of the series - she entered again after briefly walking out

The Big Brother house was in turmoil on Sunday night, with two housemates walking out.

In the latest instalment, the contestants were put to the test in a trial task, which saw each of them in the dock accused of crimes such as "being a mug" and "moaniness".

Evicted housemates were called as expert witnesses to give evidence.

However, the task proved to be too much for Evelyn Ellis and Jason Burrill, who both demanded to leave the Channel 5 show.

During her trial, Australian nightclub hostess Ellis was told she was acting like a mug and that she should not chase Alex Cannon as he did not return her affections.

Former housemate Georgina Leigh Cantwell was called in and told Ellis: "I'm going to say this from girl to girl ... one film that springs to mind, He's Just Not That Into You...

"You shouldn't chase that, nip it in the bud, stop it."

Judge Big Brother then declared Ellis was guilty of the crime.

Burrill, who works as a body double, stood accused of being a game player, but was victorious due to a lack of evidence and a "non-united front" from the prosecution.

However, he did not escape unscathed as his ex Charlie Doherty was brought in to testify against another housemate and took the opportunity to say a few choice words to him.

Tensions were running high at the end of the task, as the losers were sent to jail while the winners were treated to a chicken dinner.

Sitting in the garden chatting to Sam Griffen, Hughie Maughan and Jackson Blyton, Ellis said she wanted to quit.

"This has nothing to do with Alex, I can tell something is wrong ... I just wanna kick down that f*****g exit," she said.

She then stormed into the bedroom and disappeared through the fire exit.

Burrill was also feeling the stress and went to the Diary Room where he asked to leave.

"I want out, get me out, I'm going to break down," he said.

"I'm going to snap and I'm going to snap the wrong way."

After taking to Big Brother both contestants returned to the house.

Ellis apologised to the other housemates and explained why she had run out.

"I'm mentally exhausted. Everything just built up," she said.

The final of the Channel 5 series will be broadcast on Tuesday.

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