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Timing troubles see Alvin exit the Bake Off tent as Mat wins Star Baker


Alvin's pastries let him down in the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off (BBC/PA)

Alvin's pastries let him down in the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off (BBC/PA)

Alvin's pastries let him down in the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off (BBC/PA)

Pastry week proved disastrous for Alvin Magallanes, who was unable to perform the "miracle" he needed to keep himself in the Great British Bake Off.

The amateur baker, who has been plagued by timing problems throughout the series, quickly found himself in trouble when the contestants had to produce a short-crust pastry tart with frangipane as their "signature bake".

Having struggled to get his pastry into the oven on time, Alvin commented: "I wasted a couple minutes there, five or seven minutes rolling the pastry. There is no leeway for me, so I'm worried."

His plum frangipane tart failed to impress co-judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, with Hollywood pointing out the overbaked pastry and the undercooked frangipane. "Your base is far too thick. Your plums aren't cooked either," he told an apologetic Alvin, who explained: "Timing issues".

But while they agreed on Alvin's bake, the judges had uncharacteristically different opinions on Flora Shedden's apricot and rosemary frangipane tart. Hollywood scolded, "I think it's overbaked", while Berry countered, "It is overbaked, but it isn't bitter and it isn't burnt".

Hollywood fired back: "It is burnt and it is bitter."

"I'll tell you who's bitter," co-host Sue Perkins assured Flora.

The technical challenge was something no one had heard of: flaounes, a type of cheese pastry from Cyprus. The instructions left the bakers perplexed about what the end product should look - or even taste - like.

Alvin, who works as a nurse in Berkshire, came second-from-bottom in the challenge, with Hollywood dubbing his creations "pizzas" and adding, "oh dear... it's a de-constructed flaoune".

In a chat with Bake Off hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, Berry warned: "Alvin has really got to pull up his socks," predicting that the 37-year-old would need "a miracle" to get through to the next week.

His final chance for redemption was the showstopper challenge, where the contestants were asked to produce two different batches of 24 vol-au-vents.

Ian Cumming, who was previously awarded the title of Star Baker for three episodes in a row, presented a group of irregular vol-au-vents, which Hollywood said were "not Ian". The squid ink pastries were simply "not good", he added.

Mat Riley, who also came first on the week's technical challenge, impressed with his full English vol-au-vents, as well as his batch filled with horseradish and trout. "They look amazing," Hollywood said, adding: "Flavours are gorgeous. Well thought out and well baked." This earned him his position as Star Baker for the first time.

Alvin's chicken a la King vol-au-vents, a throwback to his childhood in the American-influenced Philippines, were paired with salmon en crout mini-pastries.

But they failed to impress the judges, with Hollywood pointing out the raw parts, and Berry complaining she was "not getting much flavour" from the salmon - though she praised the chicken vol-au-vents as "delicious".

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