Saturday 24 August 2019

'There's so much more I need to achieve' - Nadia Forde not ready for babies with rugby star beau just yet

Nadia Forde and boyfriend Dominic Day
Nadia Forde and boyfriend Dominic Day
Nadia Forde and new boyfriend Dominic Day
Nadia Forde with her boyfriend Dominic Day, brother Stephen and friend

Elaine McCahill

Clontarf girl Nadia Forde is happy with her new rugby star beau, but she's not ready for children just yet.

The 26-year-old, who has been seeing Welsh player Dominic Day since earlier this year, said there's a lot they want to achieve before they settle down.

"I kind of feel there's so much more I need to achieve and I know Dom feels that way too," she told the Diary.

"He just finished the World Cup and he's getting stuck into training for the European Cup.

Nadia Forde: Magazine shoot with boyfriend Dominic Day
Nadia Forde: Magazine shoot with boyfriend Dominic Day

"I love kids, but I have a lot to do yet. It's not in the near future, but I hope one day I'm lucky enough to have them.

"A lot of my friends have babies, and when I put myself in their shoes I'm just like, 'Am I ready for that?', and I'm just not. I'm happy and I want to be in the right place and have done a little bit more before I do that.

"I'm only 26 - I'm too young to be thinking about all that."

While children might be a while away, Nadia hopes she has a similar pregnancy to Xpose host Karen Koster.

"Karen looks so gorgeous with her bump. I was standing beside her the other day and I couldn't believe she's five months pregnant," she said.

"She's still wearing high heels and looking so glamorous and really taking it in her stride.

"She just didn't look at all fazed by it, and I can only hope if I was in that situation I'd be the same."

While they're still in the early stages of their relationship, Nadia said that being with Dom helps the UK feel more like home.

"He's great and he's really relaxed and I feel really happy with him - it's effortless. It's the first time that I've felt like it's effortless.

"I live in London, he lives in Bath. We lead very independent lives and we're focused on our careers.

"But meeting him has changed my perspective on the UK - just having somebody there is nice."

The reality star has had a tough year as her mum Berenice died in June following a battle with cancer.

"I took a few months off in the middle of the year to take time out and I'm lucky that my job allows me to do that," she said.

"It was still a good year professionally, and I'm back doing lots of auditions now."

Nadia is rumoured to have landed a role in an upcoming Baywatch movie, but the brunette is keeping quiet about any developments.

She is also said to be joining TV3's Xpose team.


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