Tuesday 17 September 2019

There's a 'spooky' connection between Meghan Markle and Diana, according to royal biographer

Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancée US actress Meghan Markle. Photo: Ben Birchall/AFP/Getty Images
Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancée US actress Meghan Markle. Photo: Ben Birchall/AFP/Getty Images
Princess Diana, left, and Meghan Markle, right
November 28, 2017: The world's most eligible bachelor Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle announce their engagement to the world after a 16-month long-distance relationship. The photographs were set in the palace's White Garden, aka the Sunken Garden, which is a memorial dedicated to celebrating Princess Diana's life. Photo: Getty
Surfing the wave: Harry and Meghan are already hugely popular as a couple and will become a favourite target of the paparazzi before they marry at Windsor Castle next May, with the American's beauty an echo of Princess Diana's Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire
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Independent.ie Newsdesk

Royal biographer Andrew Morton has said that Britain’s Prince Harry was drawn to his fiancée Meghan Markle because “he sees in her something of Diana”.

Morton appeared on last night’s Late Late Show to discuss the wedding of Harry and Meghan, which takes place next Saturday.

Harry is now “the happiest he’s ever been”, Morton enthused.

“I do find it interesting that Diana was 36 when she died and Meghan is 36 when she enters the royal family, it’s kind of spooky isn’t it? There are a few parallels between Meghan and Diana,” he told Ryan Tubridy.

"Obviously they’re both glamorous, both humanitarians, and they’re both from broken homes but Meghan was always an activist even as a kid whereas Diana was more of a carer."

"Meghan always had her hand up and was always the smart one, the one who wanted to be centre stage at the school play so they are very different characters too."

"At the engagement interview she was the one who was in control and in command. It wasn’t like the old days when you had the blushing bride to be. She was the one saying, `ok harry, you’re a bit nervous but I’ll take control of this.'"

Morton said that Harry is no longer “the spare wheel” among the younger royals, Kate and William.

"Meghan and Harry and Kate and William are the fab four and I think when it used to be the fab three, Harry looked like a spare wheel and now he’s a jaunty character, he’s whistling a happy tune.

"I think Prince Harry is the happiest he’s ever been and when you see Meghan, people really warm to her because she’s got that glamour and that ease. People say `oh she’s very American'. I think she’s more Parisian; she’s got sophistication and a slight aloofness about her and she’s very sexy as well." 

And Morton enthused that Harry has now matured and he has grown from “dirty Harry” to “saint Harry”.

"He is no longer dirty Harry, more like saint Harry. Dirty Harry as we know took his clothes off in Las Vegas hotel rooms in front of total strangers, had his picture taken getting drunk, had fights with paparazzi, thrown out of nightclubs . . .

"He was a young man who was lost and alone, a man who was still grieving his mother and I think this is a very good explanation of the union between him and Meghan, that he sees in her something of Diana, we all marry our mothers, don’t we, in the end?" 

"It’s going to be interesting that next Saturday at the wedding Jane Fellowes, Diana’s sister, is going to give a reading, all the Spencers will be there too so we’re going to see a sense of Diana being present.

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