Thursday 26 April 2018

'There's a bun in the oven!' - Jennifer Zamparelli reveals that baby number two is on the way

Jennifer Zamparelli.
Jennifer Zamparelli.
Jennifer and Lau Zamparelli in New York
Jennifer Zamparelli and her daughter Florence. Image: Twitter
Leading man: Jennifer and husband Lau Zamparelli
Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

Jennifer Zamparelli is expecting her second child.

The 2FM presenter revealed the news on Breakfast Republic on Tuesday morning.

"The RTE TV launch is this Thursday and I have to go because Bernard won't go - he hates it.

"I have to go talk about Bridget and Eamon and I'm mega stressed because I have to get into a photocall with Vogue 'I'm not drinking, I'm on bootcamp, I'm coming back from Ibiza tanned' Williams.

Jennifer Zamparelli and her daughter Florence. Image: Twitter
Jennifer Zamparelli and her daughter Florence. Image: Twitter

"I'm going to look like I've eaten 18 boxes of doughnuts and I just want to explain right here, right now. I went round and told everybody this because I look fat, basically," she said.

"I'm up the pole. Bun in the oven. The stork is coming. There's a baba coming.  I'm pregnant. I don't know, how else can you say it? I'm up the duff."

Jennifer (37) welcomed her first child, Florence, in March 2015 with her husband Lau.

The couple tied the knot in a ceremony in Castle Leslie, Monaghan, in July 2014.

Speaking to previosuly, the Republic of Telly actress said that Florence is a "mini" Lau.

"She's so funny, she's very sociable. She'd run away with anybody and she loves playing in dirt. She looks like Lau, she's just a mini him. She doesn't look like me at all, but I definitely remember giving birth to her, I definitely remember that happening, so she's definitely mine.

"But she is a mammy's girl, we're great pals. She's great fun and easy to be around. She's a predictable baby. She doesn't have any mental tantrums yet. And she's a singer, she was singing Happy Birthday for nearly two weeks. She sings all the time, in the car, in the bath."

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