Sunday 22 September 2019

'The whole world shone with a different light' - RTE's Kathryn Thomas celebrates daughter Ellie's first birthday

Kathryn Thomas, Padraig McLaughlin and their daughter Ellie. Photo: Instagram
Kathryn Thomas, Padraig McLaughlin and their daughter Ellie. Photo: Instagram
Kathryn Thomas and fiancé Padraig McLaughlin with baby daughter Ellie
Kathryn Thomas's baby daughter Ellie
Kathryn Thomas with baby daughter Ellie
Kathryn Thomas and baby Ellie at Druids Glen Hotel & Golf Resort PIC: Kathryn Thomas/Instagram Newsdesk Newsdesk

RTE presenter Kathryn Thomas celebrated her daughter Ellie's first birthday yesterday.

The Operation Transformation presenter said her and Padraig McLaughlin's world "changed" when she arrived on March 23 last year.

Yesterday, she posted a photo of Ellie as a newborn on Instagram and wrote: "A year to the day. 10.02am Our whole world changed."

"Our daughter came into our lives and honestly I felt like the whole world shone with a different light. Happy birthday gorgeous girl. We love you #Ellie ❤"

️The star previously said: "I am proud of all my achievements, Ellie being one of the biggest ones."

Kathryn has in the past spoken openly about how she had two miscarriages before she became pregnant with Ellie.

She told the Late Late show while she was pregnant with Ellie: "It was very difficult to stay positive because all of my life, all of my job... everything that I do, for me it's like one of the best things in the world is instilling positivity and self belief..."

But yet, she said she felt "all of this self doubt, did I leave it too late, am I working out too hard, am I eating the right thing...?"

"You go through self-blame, you go through 'why me', you go through 'is it ever going to happen' and it's very testing on a relationship as well."

When the couple attended the six week scan for Ellie's pregnancy, Kathryn said that the sonographer wasn't happy with the strength of the heartbeat and told her to return in another ten days.

"Ordinarily I am a problem solver but for those ten days I was defeated. I was on the radio an hour later - I was filling in for Ray D'Arcy at the time - and I've no idea what I said.

"Luckily we went in ten days later and there was a healthy happy baby and that's hopefully that's what's happening here."

Speaking to VIP magazine last year, Kathryn said she chose the name Ellie because it was "old-fashioned" and made her think she would have a "wilful" young girl on her hands.

"I want her to travel and see the world - that's if she wants to. I just know what an amazing experience it was for me," she said.

"Now, she could be her dad's daughter and be happy at home, but I have a feeling already that she's a girl on the move," said Kathryn.

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