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'The lefty Irish R up to their armpits in hosting anti semitic festivals' - Roseanne Barr's bizarre Twitter rant


Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr


Roseanne Barr

American actress and comedian Roseanne Barr took to Twitter to accuse Ireland of hosting radical antisemites, in a series of tweets about Irish history last night.

Ireland hosting radical antisemites whose goal is the Destruction of Jewish Tribal Lands and Jewish Sovereignty in Judea (Israel). #Boycott” she wrote.

One user was quick to reply with the statement “get used to it. Ireland will stand by those suffering injustice. Freedom for Palestine.”

Barr went on to display a lack of knowledge of Irish history when she hit back and said “give Ireland back to the British too.”

Barr’s Twitter rant continued into the early hours of the morning as complaints continued to pour into her statements.

One user questioned Barr on the evidence she has of “rampant antisemitism in Ireland” to which she replied “of course, stupid”.

It was a surprising win for the Republican candidate, but what do Irish people make of the result.

“I’ve tweeted seven links about it today on my (timeline),” she wrote.

Barr’s Twitter timeline is currently full of tweets of news articles and blog posts which, in her eyes, outline the anti-sematic attitude of Irish people.

“The lefty Irish R up to their armpits in hosting anti semitic festivals (about) killing all jews in Israel but h8 me saying give Ireland away,” she tweeted.

She went on to claim that “Jews are leaving your country after centuries there (because) of anti semitism,”

“You’re talking about a tiny minority of extremists in one part of the country,” Twitter user Aidan O’Brein said.

“Catholics in NI related to the Palestine struggle (because) they see themselves as the victims of an oppressive occupying force,” he said.

Barr has received nothing but backlash from Twitter users in response to her tweets, with no support for her statements coming in.

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