Monday 21 October 2019

'That's what married guys do right, blame their wives?'- Jamie Heaslip talks married life, GAA and cooking

Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Irish Rugby star Jamie Heaslip revealed he's settling into married life in his first interview since his wedding to Sheena O'Buachalla four weeks ago.

"I'm a month into married life and it's great. There hasn't been many changes because we've lived together for a good few years but it's nice to be a union," he told

In a cooking demonstration with Irish celebrity chef Rachel Allen for Land Rover, Heaslip said to Allen's horror that his cooking skills are limited to microwaveable quinoa.

"My wife buys it so she's to blame. That's what married guys do right, blame their wives?"

Heaslip and Allen were demonstrating a 'food for fuel' meal at the Ploughing Championships, which Heaslip admits he "tasted rather than cooked".

"This is my first time at the Ploughing Championships. I've been really surprised by the size of it.

white wedding: newlyweds Sheena O’Buachalla and Jamie Heaslip. Picture by Fergal Phillips
white wedding: newlyweds Sheena O’Buachalla and Jamie Heaslip. Picture by Fergal Phillips

"I'm not cooking really, I'm tasting Rachel Allen's cooking. I'm upskilling I suppose," he said.

Heaslip said he has a strict diet ahead of games but said afterwards he has a pizza or take-away "to feel normal".

The former Irish rugby captain said he watched the GAA final with his legs up on the sofa.

"I think the real winner was the GAA," he said.

When it comes to who is tougher GAA players or rugby players, Heaslip said it's hard to judge because "they're very different sports".

"There's a lot more running in GAA, but we've got to run into people. It's very different in terms of fitness.

"I played GAA until I was 15, I was a midfielder but I wasn't great."

Heaslip said he's enjoying the challenge of opening a new pub 'Lemon and Duke' with his fellow rugby players.

"I opened it with the two Kearneys, Sean O'Brien and Noel Anderson. We're getting there but we're still learning. It's great."

Rachel Allen said she enjoyed cooking with Heaslip, but had to admit her shock at microwavable quinoa.

"When Jamie said he ate it I was surprised. I didn't know it existed," she said.

Allen revealed to that she would consider being a judge on the Great British Bake Off.

"If it was filmed close to my home yeah. Who knows? It would be a good challenge," she said.

Allen said she has many new projects coming up including her new book 'Recipes From My Mum'.

"I just finished writing a book called 'Recipes From My Mum' so that's coming out soon. I'm also doing some filming in Northern Ireland and Japan so I've a few things coming up."

Jamie Heaslip and Rachel Allen are brand ambassadors for Land Rover

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