Tuesday 19 March 2019

Taylor Swift reveals police shut down party with Ed Sheeran and Mark Ronson

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are said to have grown closer since the Brits.
Yes: Hozier and Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is astounded it was her who knew what to do when a party she and Ed Sheeran were at was shut by police.

The two singers are great friends, with Ed supporting Taylor on part of her Red Tour in 2013. They enjoy spending time together when possible, which included the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles earlier this month.

"We were at a party in Mark Ronson's room, and then the police shut it down," Ed explained on BBC Radio 1, adding about 40 people ended up hiding in a bathroom.

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"That made us feel so cool!" Taylor interjected. "We had to hide in a bathroom. I grabbed Ed and I was like, 'Come here, come with me.' Who would have thought that I was the one who knew how to get going?

"[Hozier is] a tall dude and to see him standing behind a door is an odd sight. A lot of weird things happened that night."

The pair seemed to get very into the festivities post the awards ceremony, with Taylor in particular enjoying chatting to people. Among those was The Weeknd, although she was embarrassed to hear how she behaved in front of him.

"I woke up to an email from The Weeknd, and he was like, 'You told me how beautiful I was for about 15 minutes straight and started to pet my hair,'" she admitted. "It looked really cool that night and I apparently went on and on about it. I was like, 'You're so magnificent!'"

Taylor Swift sent Ed Sheeran some homemade jam
Taylor Swift sent Ed Sheeran some homemade jam

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The American singer also chatted about her holiday with group Haim. They went away together in January and had a fun time, with Taylor posting pictures of them all in their swimwear on Instagram. It's not usually something she'd do, but she was forced into the situation.

"We spent this whole trip feeling like, 'This is amazing, we're so sly, there is no paparazzi anywhere.' You know, I'm always checking. I'm looking a mile away - it's been ten years of this, I know how to spot a lens, I know how to hear the faint clicking sounds a mile away. There was nothing, I swear," she said. "And then we're on our last day and we're whale watching on a boat and we start... we see a fishing boat a half a mile away and we're like, 'That's a little weird.'"

The star's security detail got out their binoculars and soon realised paparazzi were snapping shots using long lenses. Taylor and musician sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim were incensed, so took things into their own hands.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

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"I don't want them to make like $100,000 for stalking us... So we're like, get up on the bow of the boat and take better bikini shots so they don't make as much money on theirs," she explained. "We found out later they had been everywhere we were but in Hawaii their long lenses are so good that they can be like two miles away, this is why Iggy Azalea is mad, this just happened to her. Hawaii is the craziest paparazzi place; I've never seen such stealth-mode paparazzi."

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