Monday 27 January 2020

Taylor Swift breaks social media silence with creepy animal clip

The singer has sent fans into a frenzy of speculation over potential new music.

Taylor Swift has posted a bizarre clip on social media
Taylor Swift has posted a bizarre clip on social media

By Francesca Gosling

Singer Taylor Swift has broken her mysterious social media silence by posting a bizarre clip of what appears to be an animal’s tail.

The Instagram and Twitter post, which comes three days after both accounts were wiped clean of all content, has sent fans into a frenzy of speculation, with many assuming it to be a hint towards new music.

Others, meanwhile, have suggested her account may have been hacked, while some are just questioning what the “creepy” grainy video means.

The cryptic clip received thousands of comments within minutes of posting, with one person replying: “What a comeback! Only Taylor can do this”.

Hoping for the release of a sixth studio album, one wrote: “TS6 is coming! Finally!”

One fan commented: “When do you think she is going to release the new album?”, while another simply added: “It’s finally here. #TS6isComing”.

Some have compared the hairy-looking animated object, which flexes and curls on the screen, to a snake and taken it as a hint towards what her next release might be about.

“It looks like a snake! Is she making a diss track for everyone who called her that?” asked one person.

Another suggested: “It’s a snake she’s changing like snakes change their skin. Y’all better be ready the queen is coming.”

The 27-year-old US star has been a familiar name in international news after last week winning a legal battle against sacked Denver DJ David Mueller when a jury found he had groped her during a photo shoot.

She was awarded a symbolic one dollar (77p) payout and she vowed to donate to organisations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves in court.

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