Monday 22 January 2018

Sue Perkins recalls 'Shergar steak' cooked by Mary Berry when pair first met

Mel Giedroyc, left, Sue Perkinsm, centre, and Mary Berry
Mel Giedroyc, left, Sue Perkinsm, centre, and Mary Berry

Great British Bake Off judge Mary Berry fed presenter Sue Perkins a horse meat steak the first time they met.

They worked together on The Supersizers in 2009, which Perkins fronted with Giles Coren, when Berry took part in an episode on the 1950s.

The 81-year-old introduced Perkins to post-war rations, including canned salmon and horse.

Perkins, 46, told Heat magazine: "Mary made me a horse meat and margarine steak. It was literally a Shergar steak. It wasn't tenderised. It was a thick hip of a horse.

"She was out there carving it for what seemed like two days. It had a burned, gristly side and a bit of hair on it."

Berry has also been revealed as a fan of The Jeremy Kyle Show, where guests confront each other over issues such as "Has my mum had a baby with my husband?" and "My boyfriend thinks I cheated with another man through a letterbox".

Perkins's B ake Off co-host Mel Giedroyc, 48, said: "We introduced Mary to Jeremy Kyle and she rather enjoyed it.

"Mary does love Jezza Kyle now. I think she thinks Jeremy Kyle the show is a drama though, rather than real life."

Perkins, who joked that in the first series of Bake Off she looked "like a prostitute dragged through a riverbank", also responded to X Factor presenter Simon Cowell's criticism of the show.

In 2014 he reportedly said: "My belief is it's more exciting to see someone like Leona Lewis win and sing a fantastic song than looking at a chocolate eclair at the end of the show."

But Perkins said the beauty of the programme is that people are not trying to become celebrities.

"I'm not knocking Simon Cowell, because he's a way more successful person that I'll ever be, but in those shows it's about people who want to be a star," she said.

"People who want fame for its own sake.

"We've just got people who want to be good bakers."

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