Saturday 24 August 2019

Storybook challenge a tale of woe for one Apprentice candidate

Another candidate is set to be written out of The Apprentice in a storybook challenge
Another candidate is set to be written out of The Apprentice in a storybook challenge

Children's storybooks threaten to make the candidates lose the plot in the latest Apprentice challenge.

Lord Sugar brings his 14 remaining potential business partners to the London Library to inform them of this week's literary task - to write and design a children's book and record an accompanying CD.

The teams will then have to pitch their product to large retailers and London's independent bookshops.

Cambridge University English Literature graduate Sam Curry takes up the project manager gauntlet for Connexus but his eloquence and interest in Aristotelian moral philosophy cause problems when the team have a tight deadline to make.

On the sub-team, Gary Poulton's Brummie accent leaves Karren Brady struggling to understand during the audiobook recording of the tale of dragon-elephant hybrid Snottledink.

Over with Versatile, mother Charleine Wain convinces the team that her bedtime reading experience should score her the PM job, but they quickly plump for Joseph Valente's tale of a bee's search for honey over her tried and tested plotline.

Some simple rhymes trip the team up and, in the studio, David Stevenson's approach to onomatopoeia causes disagreement with Wain over how to perform Bizzie the Bee's "swishing and swooping, tumbling and turning" refrain.

The next day, the two teams must flog their masterpieces to industry experts and smaller stores, but a stumble over numbers leaves one candidate in their team's bad books.

With minutes left, there's a dramatic drop in prices while one group try to shift their stock, but an 11th hour sale looks set to turn the other team's nightmare into a fairytale.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar hears the final sales figures but only one team can get a happily ever after: for yet another candidate it's the last chapter in their Apprentice story.

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