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Songs that inspired Grey author


EL James says music can help overcome writer's block

EL James says music can help overcome writer's block

EL James says music can help overcome writer's block

Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James has revealed the unusual inspiration behind her latest book.

During an online question and answer session, the writer said two artists in particular helped her to write her latest book: Fleetwood Mac and Bill Withers.

The author had reportedly told fans that she had listened to one song on repeat while writing Grey. The spin-off from the best-selling trilogy was released last month.

When asked over Twitter which song had inspired her, she replied: "Two: Sara by Fleetwood Mac and Hello Like Before by Bill Withers."

However, neither the British-American rock band nor the American singer-songwriter were featured on the soundtrack for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which hit cinemas in February 2015.

The author later revealed how valuable she finds music when she offered advice to a fellow wordsmith struggling with writer's block.

She tweeted: "Find some music that inspires you - and listen while you write."

The writer also answered questions about her future literary plans and whether she would ever return to the Fifty Shades series.

She said that, as a mother, she would find it "too upsetting" to write a book about Christian's childhood, but when asked if she would ever write something from the perspective of characters Kate and Elliot, James answered coyly: "Never say never :)".

Further stoking the flames, she replied to a question asking about the content of her next book with the non-committal answer: "Depends which one I go back to - or if I write a new one!"

But Fifty Shades or not, fans can be reassured that Grey is not the last they will be hearing from EL James.

The author said she had completed one book and was half-way through another - "Both romances. Not sure when I will finish them. :)"

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