Friday 6 December 2019

Sharon Osbourne's 'stupid' mistake

Sharon Osbourne said she regretted her actions
Sharon Osbourne said she regretted her actions

Sharon Osbourne has revealed the "stupid" mistake she once made while trying to prove her love to Ozzy Osbourne.

The former X Factor judge ended up having to call an ambulance after the "embarrassing" incident, which took place when she was 27-years-old, E! News reports.

Sharon said that, until now, she had kept it to herself and not even told her children because she was so ashamed of what she'd done.

The Talk co-host told the show that after a night of drinking and partying, she stabbed herself in the wrists to prove to Ozzy how much she loved him.

She had told Ozzy: "I'll do anything for you," and the rocker had asked her to prove it.

"I never discussed it out of embarrassment of how stupid I was at the time to have done such a thing for myself. I learned a great lesson from this," Sharon said. "I got very sober, very quickly."

After being taken to a psychiatric ward and being put on lockdown, the co-host said it had been a big mistake.

"These scars are a big embarrassment," she said. "The scars don't go away. They stay with you... It's a reminder to us all."

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