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See the highlights of Ben Affleck's life and career in numbers


We take a closer look at the star’s history as he opens up about alcohol addiction treatment.

As American actor Ben Affleck shares the news that he has completed treatment for alcohol addiction, here are the key numbers from his life and career.

:: The 44-year-old was born on August 15 1972.

:: 1 famous sibling, Manchester By The Sea star Casey Affleck.

:: 2 relationships with famous Jennifers – Garner and Lopez.

:: 2 Academy Awards, including best picture for Argo (2013) and best original screenplay for Good Will Hunting (1998).

:: 2 superhero roles, Daredevil and Batman.

:: 3 children, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

:: 4 Golden Raspberry awards.

:: 4 different stuntmen for Daredevil (2003), each one with a different specialty.

:: 6.1 carats in the pink diamond ring he once gave Lopez.

:: 7 years old when he first started acting.

:: 85 total awards nominations, and 45 wins.

:: 1,114 US dollars was the amount he was once fined for speeding.

:: 50,000 dollars was the amount he once paid for a car.

:: 600,000 dollars was the amount he and Matt Damon sold the Good Will Hunting script for.

:: 10 million dollars was the budget for Good Will Hunting.

:: 225 million dollars was then made by the film.

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