Tuesday 20 August 2019

Sean Bean: I've forgotten how many times I have died on screen

Sean Bean has died on screen more than 20 times
Sean Bean has died on screen more than 20 times

Sean Bean's characters have been killed off so many times the star cannot keep track.

The TV hardman, who has inspired a website called dontkillseanbean.com, is thought to have died on screen more than 20 times throughout his career.

In an interview with Radio Times, he said: "I have died quite a few times, to be fair. I've seen that reel of clips - it sounds a bit macabre, but I watched that back, and I'd forgotten some of the scenes I'd died in."

Asked if it gives him pause for thought, he said: "I didn't take it to heart."

Bean, 56, starred in the first series of Game Of Thrones, but did not make it to the next season after his character was beheaded, and his parts have also struggled to survive in James Bond film GoldenEye and The Lord of The Rings.

Only three actors - John Hurt, Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price - have died on screen more often than Bean, according to nerdist.com.

Bean also told the magazine that he is "still old Labour at heart". Speaking about party leader Jeremy Corbyn, he said: "I think he speaks a lot of sense. I don't mean I want to go back to the 80s, the strikes and stuff like that, but he's sticking up for the working-class man and it's time we heard that voice again."

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