Tuesday 10 December 2019

Scarface actor (57) steps out with 18-year-old girlfriend

Freya Drohan

Well known US actor Steven Bauer was photographed with his new squeeze, 39 years his junior.

Bauer, who has starred in Breaking Bad, CSI, Cold Case and American Dad, was previously married to actress Melanie Griffiths.

His new love interest is Lyda Loundon, an 18-year-old aspiring journalist, whose father is a Missouri politician and former Senator.

The couple have been dating for a few months, publically appearing for the first time at a premiere in July.

Lyda Loudon
HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 14: Actors Melanie Griffith and Steven Bauer arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of "Dark Tourist" at ArcLight Hollywood on August 14, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Not only is Lyda almost 40 years younger than Steven, she is also several years younger than his sons Alexander (29) and Dylan (24).

Lyda’s mother Dr Gina Loudon addressed the media’s commentary on her daughter’s relationship in an article for WND.com titled ‘When Your Child's Private Life Makes the News’:

“This is an emotional topic for me,” she wrote, as she outlined her “thoughts and feelings [and] concern and love” for her daughter.

In the lengthy piece, Gina admitted at first she struggled to accept her teenage daughter "dating a much older man..."     and stated that Lyda’s father was “devastated”.                                                                         "What had we done to our precious daughter to make her think such a decision was wise?"

The couple realised their choices: reject Lyda’s decision and lose her forever, or try find a way to understand her relationship and support her.

The family united to support Lyda, who despite tabloid reports does not drink, do drugs, and wears a purity ring.

“I told myself, there are worse things. She could be an addict or a bad person. She could be in rebellion against us or living carelessly. She isn’t. She just happened to fall for a guy who is much older. He fell for her, too. I tried to focus on one thing: My job is to love my daughter,” Gina wrote.

After seven years of marriage to Melanie, Steven went on to marry Ingrid Anderson and Christiana Boney.

He was once arrested in Florida for driving with a suspended license.

Steven is currently on US screens in tv drama ‘Ray Donovan’ alongside Jon Voight (father of Angelina Jolie) and Liev Schreiber (husband of Naomi Watts).

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