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Ryan Tubridy on Sharon Ni Bheolain's 'privacy invasion' complaint: 'It's part of life in the public eye'


Sharon Ni Bheolain

Sharon Ni Bheolain

Ryan Tubridy

Ryan Tubridy


Sharon Ni Bheolain

RTE star Ryan Tubridy has told colleague Sharon ni Bheolain that media scrutiny is simply part of life in the public eye.

The newsreader went on Joe Duffy's Liveline earlier this week to complain about paparazzi images of her being featured in two different newspapers over the weekend.

She lashed out at being secretly photographed while walking a friend's dog after her six-month stalker ordeal became public, blasting them 'low-lifes' for taking and publishing images of her.

Meanwhile, Tubridy has had his own run-ins with the paparazzi over the years and made no secret of his dislike for candid photographs, but has come to accept it as part of his role as one of Ireland's most recognisable faces.

'It's not nice when it happens because it feels like a violation," he explained. "But I now see it as part of what we do.

"I didn't go on Liveline but I was annoyed and I made some comments at the time to that effect."

He went on to explain that the media climate in Ireland is constantly changing and celebrity culture is also evolving.

"I was unused to that level of attention. It just wasn't the done thing," he said. "There was a sort of gentleman's agreement. People didn't hide in cars or behind gate posts and do that. They do no and I think you have to be stoical about it, if you're in the public eye.

"That is the way the media rolls these days."