Sunday 17 December 2017

Russell Brand tells of meeting with 'sweet and really silly' Donald Trump

Russell Brand had some advice for Donald Trump
Russell Brand had some advice for Donald Trump

Russell Brand described a meeting with US presidential candidate Donald Trump as an encounter with a "wanton baby" with a "delightful sense of arrogance".

The comedian, 41, said the meeting with the Republican candidate left him with the impression of a "sweet and really silly" man who needs to "settle down".

He told ITV's The Jonathan Ross Show on Friday: " He was actually really rude to me but I sort of like him a bit because I think he's a wanton baby.

"He invited me into his tower that's got his name written on it, which is sort of charming, in a way, like a baby would (say) 'my tower' so delightful his sense of arrogance.

"I think if we're really nice to him he'll just settle down (like a child would).

"When I met him I went in his office and he said 'You can choose any one thing from the office'.

"He had Muhammad Ali's heavyweight boxing belt on the wall and loads of good sports memorabilia, I thought I should have some of that but then I thought no, then he'll have one over on me so I just went, 'I'll have that pen mate'.

"Should have taken his hairdryer, that would have slowed him down a bit. He seems silly, that's what's amazing, sort of sweet and really silly, it's sort of fascinating."

Speaking about how he enjoys living a "calmer", "domestic" life now that he is expecting a baby with his fiancee, Laura.

He told Ross: "I read a different book every week and I read one on preparation for fatherhood to mentally prepare me for it. I don't know that it has prepared me for it."

They were joined on the show by Matt and Luke Goss, brothers and members of newly reformed 1980s band Bros.

Explaining their decision to stop recording together in 1991, Luke said the pair had agreed to "wait until the time would feel right" to start making music together again.

He told Ross: " We had spent a lot of time together in the band and we'd obviously been in school growing up as kids and we were kind of sick of the sight of each other a little bit, we needed a break, had our own lives, you need to find out who you are, it's important.

"When fame has been a part of your life all the time you are curious to find out what makes you tick and acting really makes me happy."

Matt added that the decision to reunite came spontaneously as they played guitar and drums together in a music shop in Los Angeles. He jokingly described the moment as "the cheapest Bros reunion in history".

As the newly-formed band - this time without former member Craig Lucas - get ready for their 30th anniversary reunion tour, Luke promised fans: "I would say every hit we had, first album, we're going to be very faithful to the sound of the band."

Now both aged 48, the pair agreed that, looking back, their decision to break apart, which saw him pursue an acting career while his brother began writing solo music, was "the best thing".

He said: "It just reached a point where I just felt like all the svengalis around us and trying to please so many grown ups - I know it sounds a silly thing to say but I was still a kid.

"I didn't plan it. I read something in the newspaper and I just had an epiphany, that's it."

Matt admitted: "I didn't resent him but I felt that, I still feel like now that I've never come off stage.

"I would have liked to have seen the ups and downs within the band, within my brother, it didn't have to always be at that level but in hindsight, Luke going on to acting and finding himself and me being able to go to's the best thing he ever did was to do it then."

Keen to bring some Bros nostalgia onto the stage, Ross brought out some of the brothers' own signature leather jackets for them and Brand to try on as they staged a miniature reunion of the original three-man group.

He also his own personal jacket with "Bwos" emblazoned on the back.

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