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RTE's Louise McSharry says chemotherapy is 'like a three day hangover'


Louise McSharry

Louise McSharry

Louise McSharry

2fm DJ Louise McSharry has revealed that chemotherapy leaves her feeling like she has a three-day hangover - but without the fun of a night out.

The 31-year-old presenter was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma last month and has spoken openly about her experience since.

The broadcaster posted a picture of her newly-shaved head to her social media accounts, saying: "Hair today, gone tomorrow."

And she spoke of her experience of chemotherapy.

"In case anyone was wondering. At its kindest, chemo basically gives you a three-day hangover without any of the joy of actually getting drunk and having fun," she posted to her Instagram account.

"Although its life-saving capabilities are said to be worthwhile."

She also posted a picture of her shopping for wigs and has admitted that she's nervous about wearing one after shaving her head.

"I haven't left the house since the head shave and I'm kind of scared to do it now," she wrote online.

"I guess this is why people have wigs, but I'm kind of scared of my wig too."

Louise will be off air until May 2015 and former school friend and fellow broadcaster Eoghan McDermott has been filling in for her as she undergoes treatment.

The friends attended the same secondary school and went on to study at University College Dublin together, before embarking on full-time media careers.

"She's taking six months and obviously if she needs more than that afterward she can take it," he told the Herald.

"It was awful but the prognosis is very good. She's had a tough run - it's scary because we're the same age and you almost take your health for granted at this stage."

Louise started experiencing health problems after she had her appendix out last December.

After numerous tests and a hospital stay, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is a form of blood cancer.

Despite the shock, Louise remained positive about her diagnosis.

"I'm going to do six months of chemotherapy, it's going to be rough but at the end of it they're going to tell me that I'm cured and I can go back to my life," she said at the time.

Louise and her fiance Gordon are set to marry on August 21 next year and she's determined the wedding will go ahead once she's finished treatment.

"I genuinely have no doubt whatsoever that I am going to be fine," she added.

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