Sunday 16 June 2019

RTE star Keelin Shanley accidentally gives wedding ring to homeless man

RTE's Keelin Shanley
RTE's Keelin Shanley

Morning Edition presenter Keelin Shanley is on the hunt for her wedding ring, after losing it while celebrating New Year's Eve with her family.

Speaking on RTE radio this morning, Ms Shanley said she's no stranger to temporarily misplacing her rings, but she thinks she may have accidentally given her ring, along with some coins, to a homeless man beside an ATM on Dublin's Camden Street.

Since then, she's been back to the ATM and spoke to another man who was camped beside it and checked in some jewelers to see if it's been handed it, but to no avail.

It didn't take the broadcaster long to realise the ring was gone and quickly told her husband Conor when she was looking for it on New Year's Day.

Despite this, she said there was no point torturing herself over it.

"So be it. It’s only a ring," she said.

"You feel a bit stupid. There’s no point getting that upset about it."

"[The homeless man] would have had no idea."

When asked by host Miriam O'Callaghan if she had hopes for getting it back, she said: "Who knows. I feel I should make a certain amount of effort to get it back."

This is not Ms Shanley's first experience with missing jewellery, after her late mother's engagement ring temporarily went missing.

Her three-year-old daughter took it to school to show classmates and her teacher, but said she lost it on the way home.

The mother and daughter spent the next while looking around the streets for the precious ring, but could not find it.

Not too long after, Ms Shanley got a text from the school saying that ring was found close to school toilets.

" [That was] such good luck. That meant a huge amount," she said.

"That has been on my finger ever since."

Ms Shanley's wedding ring is a narrow platinum ring with engraving around the sides.

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