Friday 23 March 2018

Roz Purcell's six pack will inspire your summer exercise regime

Super fit model Roz Purcell and Model Madeline Mulqueen wearing Penneys workout gear
Super fit model Roz Purcell and Model Madeline Mulqueen wearing Penneys workout gear Newsdesk Newsdesk

Roz Purcell is showing off the figure that has made her Ireland's most in demand model.

The former beauty queen shared some behind the scenes snaps during a shoot with Penneys yesterday, modelling the latest arrivals from their fitness range for an Xpose segment.

And the gym bunny had no qualms about posing photos of her rock hard abs during a moment away from the camera.

The 24-year-old certainly works hard for her athletic physique as she hits the gym every day, sometimes twice a day and adheres to the paleo diet.

Shooting @@primark with @@HollyKateWhite love their summer looks

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Her pure lifestyle comes after she says she mistreated her body with poor diet and exercise, while modelling in New York in 2011.

The brunette beauty admitted that her and fellow models would restrict themselves all week and then eat “disgracefully” on the weekends. As a result of her inconsistent diet, Roz developed an underactive thyroid.

“I  got quite sick, my metabolism just shut down from having no sustainable or regular eating patterns,” she stated.

Roz Purcell in training
Roz Purcell in training

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After being prescribed medication, Roz decided to take a different approach and swotted up on the healing benefits of good nutrition.

“Within six months I had cured myself, I ate no processed foods, had regular meal patterns, and began training for shorter intervals but maybe twice a day."

Roz Purcell
Roz Purcell

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