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Roz Purcell ‘proud’ to reveal she has bought a forest to ‘rescue woodland pigs’

The influencer took to Instagram to share the news with followers.


Roz Purcell

Roz Purcell

Roz Purcell

Influencer Roz Purcell has shared her plans for her new house and the forest she has bought with her Instagram followers.

The model posted a message on the social media platform to answer the burning questions of fans curious about Roz’s home renovations and relationship.

Revealing she bought a house two years ago with her partner, Roz confesses the pandemic halted any construction on the house.

"It’s where we will live in Dublin,” she said.

“It’s a really old house previously owned by the church where priests lived.”

Fans were excited to learn of the model’s surprise purchase: a forest.

"I cannot wait to show ye!” she wrote on her stories.

The plan is to “maintain and rewild sections of it that are non-native species, rescue woodland pigs and set up a wildflower patch in the open space in the middle with beehives,” Roz explained.

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"I’m also planning on learning how to do that,” she added with a laughing emoji

The influencer also addressed questions followers had on what gave her the ‘ick’ and turned her off potential partners.

"It’s not personal,” she said, listing ‘big buttons,’ ‘long cardigans’ and ‘white tight jeans’ as turn-offs. 

She also responded to questions about her teeth and perfect smile, including issuing a warning about a painful treatment she had at 19.

“I got some of my top guns lasered off,” she admitted. “I wouldn’t recommend as gums recede as you age.”

"Smell of burning skin is not the best,” Roz wrote.

The model brought followers along on her journey to London, sharing some cot-to-miss recommendations on breakfast and more when in the city. 

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