Monday 16 December 2019

Rosanna Davison on why being vegan can be tricky for a model

Model Rosanna Davison
Model Rosanna Davison

Eimear Rabbitt

Her love of animals is well known, as is her passion for fashion.

But ultra-strict vegan Rosanna Davison has admitted that her vow not to wear leather and fur can be tricky in her line of work.

"I do try not to wear leather," the former Miss World (31) told the Diary.

"I still have some stuff from years ago and, with my job, it can be hard not to wear it.

"I'm more of an advocate of the eating side of it, focusing on plant-based recipes rather than telling people what to wear."

"I do my best to source cruelty-free products, but you can only do your best."

Rosanna, who is an ambassador for the ISPCA, is currently in the middle of her second book - with photography planned for this week.

"This book is more about fitness, body composition, building muscle, getting rid of fat, toning up and 'strong not skinny'," she said.

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