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'We're all his goddamn kids too' - Robin Williams' Mrs Doubtfire co-star posts touching tribute to late actor


Former child star turned writer Mara Wilson has expressed her sorrow at losing former Mrs Doubtfire co-star Robin Williams last week.

The iconic actor took his own life last Tuesday.


And Mara, who is a rising literary talent, published a touching blog post in memory of the late superstar, pleading for a global overhaul of mental health treatment and services.

"Robin Williams, as I knew him, was warm, gentle, expressive, nurturing, and brilliant," she wrote. "While it can be hard for me to remember filming Doubtfire, I’ve been flooded with memories in the past few days. It’s humbling to know I am one of the few people who was there for these moments, that he’s no longer around to share them."

Wilson says they've run into each other a few times since Mrs Doubtfire, some for work and on other occasions, simply bumping into him and catching up.

"My grieving has been private. I kept off my public Facebook page and my Twitter and tried to reading or watching avoid any entertainment media. Doing interviews is usually fun and easy for me, but I didn’t feel I could do any then.


"If I was crying seeing Robin’s face on the Daily News, I would not have been able to keep it together on cable news, and people didn’t need to see that. Lisa Jakub, my big sister in Doubtfire and my honorary big sister in real life, wrote a beautiful blog post about her experiences with him and was able to appear on TV.

"She said all the things I couldn’t. It reminded me how she handled the Doubtfire announcement a few months back with such grace, while I ended up coming off a lot more brusque and dismissive than I had wanted. Life imitating art, I joked with her: in Doubtfire, she was the more mature older sister, while I was the little one who always blurted out the wrong thing. One of us cautious and pensive, one of us quick and outspoken. Much like the two sides of Robin, as my brother Danny pointed out: 'You guys were him'."


Mara says she expected to run into her onscreen father again, several times, and planned on explaining to him her decision to leave showbusiness.

"I had thought maybe the next time I saw Robin I would explain myself to him, let him know that I had loved working with him but didn’t feel like we could do it again, and that being in major studio films again meant a level of scrutiny I didn’t think I could deal with. I wanted to apologize and know he understood. It hurts to know I can’t.

"I’m glad people are starting to talk seriously about mental health, depression, and suicide. I’ve discussed my OCD, anxiety, and depression in the past and will continue to do so more in the future. Mental health needs to be taken as seriously as physical health; the two are inseparable.

"I suppose — could I really end this any other way? — we’re all his goddamn kids, too," she concluded.


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