Tuesday 10 December 2019

Robert Rinder reserves judgment on reality show appearances

Robert Rinder has been linked to upcoming reality TV shows, but he has played down the speculation
Robert Rinder has been linked to upcoming reality TV shows, but he has played down the speculation

TV judge Robert Rinder has ruled himself out of appearing on I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! and Strictly Come Dancing.

The 38-year-old criminal defence barrister has become a star since he began fronting ITV's popular daytime courtroom series Judge Rinder in 2014.

Rinder has already been linked to upcoming reality TV shows, but he has played down the speculation.

"I would only ever do anything which I considered to have judicial dignity. I'll put it that way," he told the Press Association when asked if he would consider signing up for Strictly and I'm A Celebrity.

Judge Rinder follows a similar format to America's long-running reality court show Judge Judy, presided over by family court judge Judy Sheindlin.

The series sees Rinder adjudicate over a variety of real-life disputes in a studio courtroom.

Now he is lifting the lid on some of Britain's worst crimes in a new documentary series for ITV called Judge Rinder's Crime Stories.

The programme differs in tone to the one that made him a household name. There is a notable lack of the quick wit and flamboyancy for which he is renowned on Judge Rinder.

Rinder , who was called to the bar in 2001, does not believe the contrast will alienate viewers.

"I don't think it's a risk," he said. "It's just introducing the general public to the different law I used to do and to highlight some of the most fascinating criminal cases we've had in the last 20 years."

Judge Rinder's Crime Stories will delve into real-life cases using witness accounts, CCTV footage and news reports to reconstruct defining moments.

In the first episode, Rinder examines the case of Laura Davies, who was murdered by her 22-year-old boyfriend Jordan Taylor.

"You get answers to the questions that people tend to ask me from the people who were actually involved in the cases," he said.

"The police officers, how they investigated, how they made certain investigatory decisions ... all the bits of CSI that are really sexy and interesting."

He added: "That's at one end of it and then you get the other end, like the impact of a crime on the victim if they're still alive and, in a more difficult sense, the impact of a very serious crime on a family and on a broader community."

Outside of TV, Rinder works on large-scale fraud, murder and money-laundering cases. He also gives lectures across the UK on financial crime.

Educated at Manchester University, where he became friends with Benedict Cumberbatch, Rinder is a former member of the National Youth Theatre.

Cumberbatch officiated Rinder's wedding to Seth Cummings in 2013. Two years later, the Oscar-nominated actor chose Rinder as one of his best men when he married Sophie Hunter.

Rinder's love of the law extends to television series, but he has a particular preference.

"I get asked what is the most authentic of the dramas.

"I have to say, the other day I sat down with the boxset of Rumpole Of The Bailey with Leo McKern and Patricia Hodge, and that is as good as it gets in terms of an authentic representation."

:: Judge Rinder's Crime Stories is broadcast on ITV on Monday.

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