Saturday 15 December 2018

Robbie Williams recalls embarrassing himself in front of Bono after taking mushrooms

Robbie Williams at the InterContinental Dublin in 2016
Robbie Williams at the InterContinental Dublin in 2016
Singer Robbie Williams and actress Ayda Field attend the Stella McCartney Autumn 2018 womenswear collection and Autumn Winter 2018 menswear collection on January 16, 2018, in Hollywood, California. / AFP PHOTO / VALERIE MACONVALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images
Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field (PA)
Robbie Williams and wife, Ayda Field
Bono and Noel on Noel's 50th birthday last May. Photo: @Bonojour via Twitter Newsdesk Newsdesk

Robbie Williams might be a clean-living family man these days, but it wasn't long ago when he was one of the wildest men in music.

The 43-year-old singer has been sober for more than 10 years, but had no problem recalling an incident in Dublin involving mushrooms and showing up at Bono's house.

Speaking on KIIS FM's Kyle & Jackie O in Australia, he said that he "got hold" of mushrooms before making way to the party, and couldn't hide he was under the influence when he mistook a window for a painting.

"I'm looking around Bono's house and all of a sudden I get transfixed by this painting that is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen," he explained.

Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field (PA)
Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field (PA)

"At this moment that Bono magically appeared. That's when I tell him this is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen and Bono went, 'Robbie, that's the window."

Unsurprisingly, Bono didn't stick around to hear the rest of the conversation.

"I wasn't gonna argue with him. I wasn't going to say you've got it wrong. I think there was just a silence for a little bit then we drifted," he added.

It's one of Robbie's go-to stories as he revealed the same incident in an interview in the Sunday Independent last month.

"I was in Bono's house years and years ago and I was looking at an amazing painting. I managed to get hold of some mushrooms before I went there. So I wasn't really of the planet at the time," he explained.

"But the great and good of the world were there and I just felt like a fish out of water. Primarily because I was on magic mushrooms! I'm in love with Bono. I love him. And I am wandering around his house and I stop and I look, and I realise Bono has purchased the most beautiful painting that has ever existed, the most beautiful painting known to man.


"And there I am standing, staring at it. In my head, I'm thinking: 'Of course Bono is going to have the most beautiful painting in the world. He deserves it and so he should have it.' And at that moment, Bono appeared. And I said to him, 'Bono - this is the most beautiful painting that I have ever, ever seen.' And Bono said to me: 'Robbie, that's the window.'"

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