Saturday 17 March 2018

‘Renting a cottage in Ireland...’ – Niall Horan's to-do list for One Direction's upcoming break

Niall Horan (22) is looking forward to the band's first break in five years

Pillow Talk: Eoghan McDermott and Niall Horan
Pillow Talk: Eoghan McDermott and Niall Horan
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

Niall Horan is planning on using his time off from One Direction’s chaotic schedule to write songs, bulk up his physique and chill on the west coast of Ireland.

The 22-year-old singer said he’s looking forward to the band’s first break in five years.

Speaking to The Eoghan McDermott Show on 2fm, the Mullingar man said he can’t wait to enjoy ‘the simple things’.

“[I’m looking forward to] a few little excursions along the west coast of Ireland, we’ve been hamming it out for five years, sometimes when you stop you think ‘wow’.

“This is a good time [for a break]. It’s good to stop, take a break and come back to it in a year’s time.

“It’ll be the simple things like going home a bit more, seeing everyone I hadn’t seen in a while.

“I’d like to do a bit of travelling, the places I haven’t seen properly. I’d love to rent a cottage somewhere in Ireland, or get a caravan.

“By the end of next year… I’d like to be a low single figure in golf and in better shape, working out.”

He continued: “I’ll probably spend most of the year writing for the next album too.

“We’ve always been bad at the planning things, we don’t know how long this break will be for. It could be that in six months, we’ll just say ‘we ready to go again?’

“Five albums in five years… I’d like to think I deserve a holiday.”

Speaking in a hotel in Belfast, Niall refused to share the details on the band’s last-minute cancellation at Tuesday night’s concert.

“[Liam was] unable to perform, that’s all I will say,” he said.

Not interested in the celebrity lifestyle, Niall said his ideal evening would be in a quiet pub with a pint. He also said he believes he’s seen as the ‘innocent Irish guy’ in the band, and is grateful he has never had a ‘bad chip’ from the press.

“I’m not into the celebrity, I’d much rather stick a hat on and go for a pint somewhere,” he said of his life in London.

“I’ve set up shop for the time being in London, we do have the good craic there.

“It’s a good place to live but you do miss home, with the gruelling schedule I haven’t been able to get home to Ireland as much as I’d like but I should be able soon.

“I was home for a few days before the gigs in Dublin, we go out to the same pubs, with the same lads, I had a few pints with my father, just sitting in the corner of a pub drinking with my dad, it was a nice humbling experience.

“’I’ve been lucky, I’ve never had any bad chip from the papers,” he continued.

“I never had the paparazzi thing, I never had really anyone try and sell stories on my or anything.

“I think people just see me as the little innocent Irish lad running around, I think people wouldn’t like to do that to me, I hope not anyway.”

And, other than being one quarter of the richest boyband in British music history, Niall likes to think he has remained grounded.

“It would have been this week five years ago, I moved away from home and I packed up my suitcases and left for the X Factor live shows. A wheel was hanging off my suitcase at Dublin airport and that didn’t help,” he laughed.

“I got up and left and the rest is history. I’d like to think I have solid friends around me.”

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