Wednesday 13 December 2017

'Pressure to look good on camera doesn't get to me' - Angela Scanlon

TV and radio presenter, Angela Scanlon who officially opened the new Homesense store in Blanchardstown, Dublin. Picture credit/Julien Behal
TV and radio presenter, Angela Scanlon who officially opened the new Homesense store in Blanchardstown, Dublin. Picture credit/Julien Behal

Sean O'Grady

Angela Scanlon has insisted she doesn't let the pressures of looking her best on camera get to her.

The Meath presenter (33) first became known to audiences on RTE's The Movie Show before going on to become the digital presenter for The Voice UK and bagging a fill-in slot on BBC's The One Show.

Despite competition being fierce in London, Angela tries to keep herself natural.

"Obviously, I need to go and scrub up when I'm on camera, it's part of the gig. But do I feel pressure? No. I feel like I like what I wear and I wear what I'm comfortable in," she said.

While some presenters might be happy with any job, Angela admitted she will not join any show unless she has an interest in it.

"I would never put my head on top of a show unless it was something that I was personally interested in," she said.

Angela Scanlon and husband Roy Horgan
Angela Scanlon and husband Roy Horgan

Angela was previously said to have been in line to host Dancing With The Stars, but the TV star reckons the best part about her recent presenting jobs is getting to meet her heroes.

"I get to meet brilliant people. A few weeks ago I got to interview Sir Ian McKellan. I'm so fortunate that I get to meet people I have admired for years.

"Then with the documentaries, I get to go into a world I wouldn't ordinarily have been in. It's always changing and always different," she told the Herald Diary.

"Robot Wars is something I work on on a regular basis.

"Some of it is passion project stuff. I've had a lot of really lovely opportunities coming my way. Things that I wouldn't necessarily see myself covering."

Angela is married to eco-entrepreneur Roy Horgan. The notoriously private couple tied the knot in Co Wicklow in 2014 in front of family and friends.

Speaking on their two-year wedding anniversary, Angela admitted she had "married the best dude in the world" and that she had "made some good decisions over the past couple of years but this is by far my best one ever".

While some in the public eye have had their personal lives forced out into the open, Angela is grateful she has been able to maintain some level of privacy.

"I have been very lucky that I haven't experienced any bad sides yet. I know I hear a lot of people have privacy things, but I've had a really good experience. I have no complaints yet," she said.

Angela was speaking at the launch of Homesense at Westend Shopping Park in Blanchardstown. Part of the TK Maxx group, Homesense offers up to 60pc off homeware.

Homesense will open a second store in The Capitol development on Grand Parade in Cork on Thursday, June 15.


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