Wednesday 18 July 2018

Pregnant Pamela Flood hits back at Internet 'trolls' after alcohol remark

Pamela Flood
Pamela Flood

Sharon McGowan

Pamela Flood has hit back at the Internet trolls who lambasted her for comments she made regarding motherhood.

The former Miss Ireland (44), who is expecting her third child, faced online backlash after she suggested women in their 30s want to have children quickly so they can "go back on the lash".

Pamela is happily married to restaurateur Ronan Ryan
Pamela is happily married to restaurateur Ronan Ryan

Flood now says she was making an "extreme example" in order to defend her decision to have her children in her 40s and had no intention of offending mothers in their 30s.

Since making the comments, Pamela had received a flood of abusive emails, tweets and messages from trolls who, she says, "just want to jump on the hate train".

"I was making an extreme example to say I don't think what I'm doing is selfish or irresponsible," she said.

The former Off The Rails presenter, who is already mum to Harrison (4) and Elsie (2) with her restaurateur husband, Ronan Ryan, was met with messages from "keyboard warriors" desperate to "draw blood".

Pamela Flood
Pamela Flood

"People read the quotes from the interview and thought 'she's attacking 30-year-olds'. One of the first comments was 'I'm 33 and I love my kids'," Pamela said.

"I remember thinking 'I didn't say you didn't love your kids, where did this come from?'

"I think there is a certain mentality out there in social media land that just want to jump on the hate train, and they ain't getting off until they draw blood."

The Tallaght native isn't ruling out trying for baby number four after she gives birth. When asked whether she would consider expanding her brood, the former model didn't say no - although she admitted she wished she had children younger.

Ronan Ryan and Pamela Flood at their new cafe, Counter Culture. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Ronan Ryan and Pamela Flood at their new cafe, Counter Culture. Photo: Gerry Mooney

"I wish I'd met Ronan earlier, I wish I'd met him five years earlier - if I did I'd say we would be having four," Pamela responded.

After drinking the occasional glass of wine during her previous two pregnancies, the 44-year-old said she has cut out all alcohol this time after reading about the effects of alcohol on foetuses.

"I just thought, this time, no. It's not difficult," she said.

Speaking on Newstalk, Pamela admitted she's much more relaxed about her pregnancy since having two children.

"Even the thought of labour doesn't scare me like it did the first time around," she said.


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