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Power Rangers creator Haim Saban hits out at Trump on Hollywood Walk of Fame


The media mogul was joined by Simon Cowell as he received at a star at the landmark.

Media mogul Haim Saban appeared to take aim at President Donald Trump as he was presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

The billionaire creator of the Power Rangers warned against “rhetoric” suggesting America was not great as he was joined by Simon Cowell at the ceremony in Los Angeles.

On stage, Haim – a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter – said: “I count my blessings every day for a great America.

“Take it from this immigrant from Israel, a proud Israeli-American, born in Egypt, a Muslim country, America is great. Not perfect but great.

“We shouldn’t allow any rhetoric to make us think otherwise because America is great. Period.”

Simon thanked Haim, 72, for helping his career when he was in his 30s and “broke”.

The X Factor boss said: “At that time Haim had the hottest kids’ TV format in the world – the Power Rangers.

“It took me six months to get a meeting. I didn’t have much money.

“I said: ‘Haim, I really need a break. Can you give me the rights to the Power Rangers?’

“‘How much you offering?’ He burst out laughing.

“I said, ‘Look I need a favour’. He said, ‘OK Simon, it’s yours’.

“That was a very, very important break in my career and I will never forget that.”

Simon also put forward his own case to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He said: “While I’m here you may have noticed I haven’t actually got one of these and I’ve been on a couple of TV shows and I would quite appreciate one.”

Haim was also joined at the ceremony by the stars of the new Power Rangers movie, which is released on Friday.

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