Saturday 21 April 2018

Post-verdict encounter suggests further twists to Titchener tale

The Titcheners are set to have another courtroom drama, this time over child custody.
The Titcheners are set to have another courtroom drama, this time over child custody.

The dramatic finale of The Archers may have seen Helen walk free, but listeners of the BBC Radio 4 show were left on edge following a dark encounter between her and Rob.

Fans have been riveted for weeks as they followed the dramatic storyline for weeks that saw Helen suffer domestic abuse at the hands of her husband, Rob.

She then found herself in the dock after stabbing him, charged with attempted murder and of wounding with intent.

The good news of her freedom was delivered by the jury in the hour-long special on Sunday night's show.

Celebrations were short-lived for Helen (played by Louiza Patikas) who had to endure more torture from Rob, played by Timothy Watson.

After an emotional reunion with her parents, Pat and Tony, Helen goes to find her best friend Kirsty Miller at the Borchester Crown Court where the dramatic, double not guilty verdict has been delivered.

Moments later, Rob's sinister voice is heard saying: "Congratulations Helen. You must be chuffed with yourself."

He continues: "What? Did you think you could tell all those lies about me and I'd just disappear? Well, you might have fooled everyone else, but we both know the truth."

In a tense scene Rob warns Helen she hasn't "gotten rid of him".

He goes on to tell her: "And as long as we have a child together you never will. Sorry? What was that? Nothing to say now you've not got an audience? Well - never mind."

Helen sarcastically apologises to Rob and tells him she will not let him hurt her again.

"The whole world knows what you are now, Rob. You failed. I'm free," she says.

The last word from Rob is an eerie one as he tells her: "Helen darling, I still can't take my eyes off you."

Watson describes Rob as "narcissistic and horrendously abusive" and "a psychopath".

He added that he had been proud to be a part of the telling of such a powerful storyline and said of working with Patikas: "Louiza is simply fantastic and has been a joy to work with."

The couple will be forced to confront each other again as a family court hearing has been set for September 14, where the custody of their children - Henry and Jack - will be decided.

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