Monday 18 November 2019

Piven basking in Mr Selfridge love

Jeremy Piven stars as Mr Selfridge
Jeremy Piven stars as Mr Selfridge

Jeremy Piven has admitted he loves nothing more than being recognised as his character from Mr Selfridge.

The Entourage actor stars in the ITV period drama as the title character and is about to head into his third series, saying it is always a thrill to see how much fans love the show.

He said: "I love being recognised as Harry Selfridge. It's great that people are watching and know the character I am playing.

"People seem to resonate and love the period in which this is set. It's evident just by how many countries we sell it to - over 100 around the world."

Jeremy continued: "The fact that people from all walks of life are gravitating towards Mr Selfridge and are invested in the characters is great. We film most of the series from a warehouse in Neasden, so knowing that it reaches so many people is mind-blowing.

"When people come up to me I see their enthusiasm and passion. That is inspiring to me."

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